Video Showing Brand New iPad Getting Smashed by a Baseball Bat

While most new iPad owners are happily stroking their touchscreens, others are destroying theirs with baseball bats!

This weekend, an estimated 700,000 people bought the glowingly reviewed Apple iPad. Though some consumers voiced reasonable gripes, others chose to destroy, batter, or shred their new iPads (and they chose to literally break their newly bought devices; we aren’t even talking about jailbreaking an iPad here), documenting their mysterious rage on video. Are they reacting to the agonizing hype that preceded the iPad’s release? Have a look for yourself:

Apple iPad: A “Smashing Hit”!

After earning the requisite $500 by shoveling snow, Justin Kocott, 19, of Penn Hills, Pa., smashed an iPad to smithereens with a baseball bat outside a Best Buy store. He told local news reporters that he wanted to be “the first one to break an iPad because I see videos of people breaking things on YouTube like PS3 and Wiis … and I figured this one would be next.” Though he’s been called an “Apple hater,” he says he owns another iPad and “loves it.” The video quickly went viral, and has generated 1,309,274 YouTube hits already. When asked what his motivation was, Kocott only said he wanted to be the first person to smash an iPad.

Video Showing Brand New iPad Getting Smashed by a Baseball Bat

However, it is not the first time that expensive items have been bought and destroyed for entertainment. Videos on the internet show the trend has in the past been aimed at iPhones, iPods, laptops and computer consoles.

Isn’t it amazing to see that while a group of people are busy doing constructive work (like developing iPad games for the Apple tablet), we have yet another group of people who are finding pleasure destroying it? It is almost a shame that the video of men destroying iPad on launch day becomes internet hit… but with over 1,309,274 views already, it also begs the question — is it actually a cleverly designed piece of Apple’s viral marketing? An Apple spokesman was unavailable for comment.


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