Web To Run Out of IP Addresses In Few Days Due To Internet Founder’s Fault

According to Internet co-founding father and Google Vice President Vint Cerf, the world could run out of web addresses within a matter of weeks. Mr Vint Cerf, Google’s vice-president, who helped create the Web by connecting computers, using Internet Protocol addresses, said it was his “fault” that the 4.3 billion addresses created were running out, the Sydney Morning Herald reported.

Web To Run Out of IP Addresses In Few Weeks Due To Internet Founder's Fault

As many might know, Cerf was one of the founders of the world wide web, and the creator of the web protocol IPv4, which was created as an experiment by the US defense department looking for a way to connect computers globally. The unique numbers, which are known as Internet Protocol addresses, help identify the world’s networked devices. An IP address uses four numbers from 0 to 255 to mark a computer from another.

In 1977, Mr Cerf created the web protocol, IPv4, which connects computers globally, as part of an experiment, while working with the US Department of Defense. He said he never expected his experiment “wouldn’t end”.

I thought it was an experiment and I thought that 4.3 billion would be enough to do an experiment,” Mr Cerf, the “Chief Internet Evangelist”, was quoted as saying in an interview.

The shortage means that every web server, every iPhone, every router and everything else — possibly billions of devices — will need to be reconfigured or upgraded. Computers now use IP version 4 and have since the 1980s. Its replacement is version 6, known as IPv6.

Looking like 2001:0DB8:AC10:FE01:0000:0000:0000:0000, IPv6 can handle about 340 billion billion billion billion different addresses. The only problem? IPv4 and IPv6 can’t talk to each other – so the transition of billions of Internet addresses could cost billions of euro. Luckily for humans (web users), little will change.

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12 Responses to " Web To Run Out of IP Addresses In Few Days Due To Internet Founder’s Fault "

  1. I really hope it won’t cost anything to us… I mean the change from IPV4 to IPV6…well probably it wont cost anything to the end users like website visitors but I think it is going to end up costing atleast some amount to website owners….maybe the domain register may increase tld prices…or anything…
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  2. IPv6 will have to replace IPv4..this will solve this problem..as it has larger combinations of IP addresses..
    .-= Rohit | Ipod Touch 4G´s last blogpost >> Monopoly Game for iPod Touch 4G =-.

  3. I have seen this news a couple of years ago and have completely forgotten about it. That time it didn’t seem so bad. But now that it’s nearing it suddenly somehow makes me panicky as I’m anxious how it will affect me as a website owner. I hope there will be some adjustments from host providers and such.
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  5. Nihar says:

    Hmmm… I think somebody will find a solution or found the solution already.

    Thanks for sharing this.

  6. Adam says:

    I’m pretty sure that we will always have air space :)
    IPV6 will prevail!
    Adam´s recent blog post ►► Install Memcache in PHP on Debian-Ubuntu

  7. iPhone 5 says:

    will the IPv4 end? or both IPv6 and IPv4 will be running together? or how will the IPv4 be change to IPv6???

  8. router ip says:

    Good article, but it doesn’t always really to make use of my router ip, any advice?

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