Say What Siri is Saying; Win £100 Amazon Voucher From Funny Siri Blog

Guys over at What Siri is Saying are running a competition for a £100 Amazon voucher and all you have to do is ask Siri a question. You don’t have to own an iPhone 4s to take part as the people behind the website will do it for you if you ask via their Twitter or Facebook and post the result on the blog. If it’s a good one we’ll even put it on the site so you can get your friends to start voting.

If you haven’t heard already, What Siri is Saying is the new hilarious blog collecting the best responses to questions and commands made to Siri, the voiced operated personal assistant exclusive to the iPhone 4s.

The site is set up so that users can upload their own contributions, vote for their favorites and comment on other people’s submissions. There’s also a leader board that shows the entries that have received the most votes.

What Siri is Saying apparently aims to uncover as many Siri Easter Eggs as possible, as well as any funnies and oddities it’s tiny robot mind blurts out. Users can submit their Siri screenshots, vote and comment on their favorites and even win big.

Siri is a voiced operated personal assistant exclusive to the iPhone 4s. You can ask Siri to perform a wide range of actions on your phone such as; send a text, set an alarm, get a definition or even use it to Google. The What Siri is Saying blog uncovers those hidden Easter Eggs the cheeky developers at Apple have hidden within the digital personal assistant.

They’re offering £100 worth of Amazon vouchers to the winner! All you need to do, is put forward your Siri submission, and get as many votes as possible, so that you’re at the top of the leader board by Friday 2nd December at 13.00 GMT.

Users who find hidden or humorous Siri responses upload them to the blog using a simple uploading tool, and can then rate and comment on their own, and other submissions. There’s a leader board for the best Siri entries so users can get their mates involved to climb to the top spot.

The blog has seen some great contributions so far, but wants to find the cream of the crop – and this is where you come in.

What is Siri Saying is giving you the chance to win a £100 Amazon voucher- all you have to do is submit your Siri find to the blog, get your mates to vote it up to the top of the leader board, and if yours is at the top by Friday 2nd at 13.00 GMT, you’ll win! It’s as easy as that.

On their site, follow the leader board and be the first to find out the winners by liking the What Siri is Saying Facebook page, and following What Siri is Saying on Twitter.

If you want to find out more about the competition, then visit their website, or even if you don’t want to apply, then just take a look. The entries are sure to provide a chuckle or two during your day!

So what are you waiting for? Get chatting to Siri and find those hidden Siri gems. You never know, soon you might be asking: “Siri, what should I buy from Amazon?


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