What To Expect In iPhone 5 [Top 5 Features List]

I have used some recently launched smartphones and gadgets and have been watching the response from the market and media at the same time. However, despite of the bunch of major releases in the past days still, the September 2011 launch of iPhone 5 is making news! And why not? After all, this is going to be the most awesome iPhone, Apple has ever produced ever!

The iPhone 5, expected to drop in September, could have more features than previously thought. Here we present you the list of expected features in iPhone 5. However, do realize that this list is based on insider knowledge from people actively working on the upcoming iPhone 5 but the final product  obviously may or may not include ALL of these:

Is This What to Expect in The iPhone 5?

Dual Core Processor is Coming:

We have seen a bunch of phones powered by Multi Core Processors lately. And I would like to think that Steve (Apple) Jobs wouldn’t want to launch iPhone 5 with an outdated processor behind it. According to reliable sources, Apple have been planning for the successor of A4 processor from the iPhone 4. Yes, you heard absolutely right! We are talking about a faster processor based on Cortex A9 design and it may be named as A5 processor when iPhone 5 launches.

The buzz is that Apple will unleash the gaming performance and speed of A5 chip in the upcoming iPhone model. The A5 processor is the same chip that Apple rolled out to power its iPad 2.

Sleeker Design and Vivid Media:

Apple have always been the best in terms of looks and display performance. Expecting the same here, Apple is likely to upgrade their Graphics and Video Processor called as IGPU (rumored). It is going to be a great news for the Movie and Game maniacs (like me) who are waiting to have Apple iPhone 5 in hand. Also expect an ultra-thin iPhone 5 design!

Bigger Display Size:

Gone are the days when people using cell phones with 3 inches display felt cool about it. Apple has to go for the upgrade; in terms of a bigger iPhone 5 display screen as compared to its predecessors. And as per our sources, Apple is opting for a 3.75 inch screen this time rather than jumping straight to the 4.0 inch screen.

However, an image published by a Chinese reseller of Apple parts showed what looked like the digitizer panel of iPhone 5. If the image is authentic then the new iPhone will have a 4 inch display but within the same encasement, made possible by a technology that extends display over to the edges of the phone.

New and Trouble-Free Antenna:

Who can forget the nightmare Apple had about the antenna issue in iPhone 4 right after it was released? You should learn from your mistakes; and Apple must have learned by now. Sources reveal, Apple has moved the Apple logo on the back just to accommodate the newer and much better reception capable antenna.

3G Vs 4G:

Recently, cell phones supporting 4G network have been making news; e.g. Nexus 4G, Samsung Galaxy S 4G to name a few. Apple would never want to left behind in the race of 3G-4G spectrum. Hopefully, Apple would support 4G in their next iOS phone.

Higher Resolution Camera:

With mobile phones like Nokia N8 boasting an 8MP camera, Apple’s 5MP camera may appear out of date if not pathetic. According to sources, Apple may opt for an 8MP camera with  1080p video recording when they bring iPhone 5.

Apple is expected to have done the market analysis quite well before starting the iPhone 5 project. Apple has to do all these upgrades so as to keep their place safe in the competition.  There have been a lot of expectations from Apple and hopefully they should live up to the expectations. After all, With great Power comes great responsibility. Ahh wait; did I forget to tell you that iPhone 5 could be charged with your heartbeat, powered by nano-generators?


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