When Technology Backfires On You

There’s no doubt that technology has its uses and that we would be lost without it today, but there are times when it backfires on us badly and causes a great deal of embarrassment, especially if we don’t use our common sense when using technology. But the sad fact is that common sense is not quite so common, and this is why some of us are left to rue the day we discovered technology – like the investment banker who learned to his mortification that his passion for scantily clad Victoria’s secret models was broadcast live to all who cared to tune in to that particular TV channel that day.

When Technology Blunders Become A Nightmare For You

As far as he was concerned, he was only doing what he normally did during the course of any work day – take a peek at some soft p0rn to relieve the monotony of boring reports and the drudgery of a dull day at the office. But unfortunately for him, it was all caught on tape, and while we don’t know if he was fired for this indiscretion, we do know that it is a lesson that we all must learn – when it comes to technology, there’s no such thing as total privacy.

Besides the fact that it makes us live our lives in a glass bowl, there are other ways in which technology becomes a bane rather than a boon – like when we waste too much time on it and lose out on productivity and efficiency. Computers and the Internet are supposed to make our lives easier and more convenient, but when computers and Internet become the reason for our laziness and procrastination, we have to question their usefulness.

If you’re online for the better part of your work day, you tend to waste time by checking your email once every few minutes, logging on to your social networks, or playing games and interacting with communities online – in short, you do everything but work. This could backfire on you and get you fired, and with the way the job market is today, you cannot afford to lose the job that you have because it’s an uphill task to find a new one that both pays well and is something you’re interested in.

At the end of the day however, it all boils down to the way we use technology – when we use it wisely, we benefit from it; and when we abuse it, we have to suffer the consequences. Technology per se does not have a detrimental effect on us or the way we live, rather, it is how each of us harness it that determines how and what we gain or lose because of it.

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