Which Phone to Buy? Samsung Galaxy Y Vs. Nokia Asha 300

Those of you reading this post may just wonder what is the logic of comparing Samsung Galaxy Y and Nokia Asha 300. On the face of it both seem completely different phones catering to different segments, but look closer and you see the reason for this comparison.

Nokia and Samsung have become fierce competitors in the Indian mobile phone market. On one hand Samsung seem to be beating Nokia in the smartphone segment. Nokia on the other hand still rules the roost in the feature phone segment.

Nokia has recently launched the Asha 300, a touch and type dual sim phone that really takes your breath away(or does it?). Priced at par with Samsung Galaxy Y ( Rs 6709), has Nokia ( Rs 6730) shot itself in the foot or has it delivered yet another masterpiece? What should you buy if you had Rs 7000? Here we try to help you make your choice.

Why to Buy Nokia Asha 300? Dual Sim Advantage

Dual Sims are here to stay. If we look at the recent sales figures of mobiles, dual sim mobiles accounts for more than 54% of the feature phone sales in India. So whether you wish to separate work and play or just have to travel between 2 states constantly, Dual sim is the minimum feature you require.

Dual sim has already taken most of the country by storm and Nokia has lately realized the potential of the Dual sim phenomena. But in the price range of the Nokia Asha 300, are consumers really looking for Dual sim as a USP? With the Dual Sim version of Samsung Galaxy Y slated to hit the Indian shores in 2012, Nokia Asha may find itself losing market share.

Specifications: Nokia Asha is almost a Smartphone

Nokia Asha 300 is no doubt a neatly crafted mobile phone, a sleek, elegant body with a 2.4” resistive touch screen and a regular phone keypad. The phone comes packed with a 5 MP camera that takes breathtaking pictures which Samsung Galaxy Y cannot even dream about with its 2MP camera.

Nokia Asha 300 has faster data rates (10.2mbps HSDPA) than Samsung Galaxy Y( 7.2 mbps HSDPA) and a faster processor (1000Mhz vs Galaxy’s 832 MHz) which will give you a better browsing experience.

Add to this a better battery and more talk time, Nokia does have specification advantage over the Samsung Galaxy Y. Nokia comes with the capability to view higher resolution movies as well as higher PPI which leads to texts and visuals appearing more crisp and clear. Nokia Asha 300 seems more like a smartphone than a feature phone with these features.

Touch and Type Vs. Touch

There are still a few among us who loath the touch screen while typing out texts and messages. Budding romantic couples, young collegians and avid text messengers prefer the feel of a keypad to the touch screen. Nokia has catered perfectly for this segment. Nokia Asha 300 can guarantee you a truly satisfactory messaging experience and has paid greater attention to it with its direct messaging short key right at the center of the phone.

Add to it the social network integration facility, the Nokia Asha 300 is ideal for facebooking, tweeting and checking mails online. Nokia has definitely got the best of both worlds, the touch screen and the keypad complement each other perfectly. Whether there are enough people willing to pay such high prices for just comfortable texting is debatable.


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