Which Type of Internet Connection is Best for Gaming?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) I have heard over the course of my gaming career: “Is my internet connection good for online gaming?

Online gaming has long been reliant on powerful Internet connections, especially for professional gamers that cannot miss a second of the action. However, there has long been debate and controversy over which Internet connection is best for online gaming: wired or wireless.

Both have their own advantages, depending on what you are looking for, but one is the overall best and should be used if you are frequently playing online games. If you want to take your gaming to the next level and ensure you don’t have any lags or other similar issues, then read on and find out which one is best.


If you play on a laptop, or if you are on a team where there are a lot of computers being used at once, then wireless Internet is more mobile. This allows you to easily connect a lot of different computers to the Internet at once without the need of extra hardware. However, these connections will take up your bandwidth, so be careful. You may need stronger Wi-Fi to ensure there are no lags.

On the other hand, wired Internet needs hardware for many connections and it is not quite as mobile. But, since wired Internet is not as dependent on the number of connections, it tends to remain more stable. If you are using Comcast Internet for this, then a LAN is important. This is because Comcast Internet tends to work best over a LAN network, as it improves reliability and speeds.


In terms of speed, both wired and wireless Internet are theoretically about the same. If you are using 802.11b, then you should be getting around 11Mbps, which is roughly equivalent to wired Ethernet. If you are 802.11a or 802.11g, then you will be getting 54Mbps.

If you have the money for “Fast Ethernet” you should be getting over 100Mbps. It is more expensive then wireless Internet, but there is another major advantage to using wired. As you move away from the Wi-Fi spot, the speed will decrease. With wired Internet, the speed remains stable.


Both wired and wireless Internet can be reliable for online gaming. However, wired Internet is often more reliable, and for many different reasons. With wireless Internet, you have to be close to the Wi-Fi spot to ensure your connection is not dropped or that it does not lose speed. Not only that, but even then you have to worry about wireless interference from the sun, walls, climate conditions and other things that can decrease the Internet’s effectiveness.

With wired Internet, these problems rarely occur. Wireless interference does not affect wired Internet, since it does not rely on using waves to communicate Internet signals with connected computers. Also, since the Internet is directly linked into the computer, there is a much lower chance of the speed decreasing or the signal somehow dropping.

While you do have to check the condition of your wires to ensure they are pristine, as broken or cracked cables can lower reliability, this should not be much of a problem.


You don’t want your password or username stolen, because then all your hours of online gaming are lost. Imagine building up a character, spending 100 hours or more getting his skills and equipment just right for your playing style, just to have someone steal your password. It’s hard to swallow, so which Internet type is best for security?

Many people will instantly say wired, because it does not have as many weaknesses. This is because wireless Internet is transmitted through the air, so many people assume that it is easier to intercept those waves. This is somewhat true, but the weakness is not as pronounced as many would think.

The truth is that wired is more secure, but the difference between the two isn’t enough to really make a distinction.


While wireless Internet is newer and often touted as the best type of Internet, you have seen that in many ways wired Internet is superior for online gaming. It has better speed, reliability and somewhat better security.

Wireless Internet is often better when it comes to mobility, but this mobility comes at a price. If you are serious about never lagging and getting the best performance, then it’s best to get out that Ethernet cable and connect your computer to the Internet.

About the Author: This is a guest article by Ruben Corbo, a writer for the website Broadband Expert where you can find internet service providers in your area like Comcast Internet and compare prices on different deals for your mobile broadband needs.


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