White iPhone 4 Killed Off, Disappears From Apple Online Store

I know I appear to have a White iPhone 4 obsession. But, hey who doesn’t? If a gadget is from Apple and it isn’t white then, somehow it appears incomplete. And if that gadget is an iPhone, then the incompleteness is even more prominent. So after multiple postponements in the launch of white iPhone 4, when Apple decided to make the white iPhone 4 disappeared from its online store, its natural that people got suspicious that Apple is killing the White iPhone 4.

White iPhone 4 Killed Off, Disappears From Apple Online Store

A rumor out of BGR (BoyGeniusReport.com) suggests the white iPhone 4 has been canceled. The rumor implies that Apple is pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes with these repeated delays and has no plans to release the coveted device. The plan apparently is to announce a further delay in March of 2011, which would lead almost seamlessly into the launch of the iPhone 5 in June or July 2011. The same source claims manufacturing partners have refused to comment on these delays, suggesting that production problems may not be the reason for the prolonged absence of this elusive white smartphone (iPhone 4).

The reason for Apple’s reluctance to bring the white version of its latest smartphone is unknown, though many (including yours truly) speculate that an issue with the quality of white coloring is to blame. Recent murmurings have suggested that matching the home button to the rest of the phone is proving more challenging than the Cupertino outfit originally anticipated – and we all know how particular Mr. Jobs can be!

At any rate, if this rumor pans out, its implications may be damaging to the reputation of Apple. The rumor suggests Apple is deliberately deceiving the tech world and ardent customers by stringing them along with these repeated delays. The rumor has a bit of a “Conspiracy Theory” feel to it by suggesting something besides a manufacturing problem is at the root of this delay.

Or perhaps this is all just rumor on rumor confusing the issue, and the mythical Verizon / CDMA iPhone 4 will be made available in White. If so there might be a lot of wailing and screaming from AT&T iPhone users.  So, place your bets again‚ will we ever see a White iPhone 4 in Apple Stores? Anyone buying this story that Apple is killing the white iPhone 4? Have your say in the comments…


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