Why Apple iPad is The Ultimate “iPad Killer”?

Do you remember the time when Apple iPad was released? That was a revolution in the world of computing.  Steve Jobs introduced something, which was able to do almost everything what a netbook  computer was capable of doing and yet was more compact and cool to carry around.

Why Apple iPad is the Ultimate iPad Killer

Since iPad was launched, tablets from different manufacturers started sailing into the market to compete with the product. Most of them were termed as iPad Killers, iPad Alternatives, Best Tablet Alternatives and so on. But has any of those really killed the iPad? On the contrary, the super awesome iPad could never be killed and in a way it grew stronger as more and more apps were added to it.

Many readers often ask, “What’s so special about Apple iPad? What makes it unique?” Well, iPad is special because it offers the most when compared to its competitors. It is the combination of a Netbook, e-reader (Forget Kindle), gaming device (Who wants an iPod Touch hereafter), photo frame and iPod (the most sold music player).  It is featured with Bluetooth, 802.11n Wi-Fi, movie rentals, 10 hours of battery life, optional 3G wireless and so on. This is not all. This gadget is packed with the most-celebrated App Store on the planet. You want more? Wait for the next iPad refresh from Apple.

Not satisfied with my answer? Go the Apple way! There answer to the question, “Why do I need an iPad?” goes like this: “The iPad is a Web browser for your living room, an e-book reader for the den, a movie player for the kids, a photo album, a jukebox, a gamer’s best friend, a word processor, an e-mail machine, and a YouTube junkie’s dream come true.

I am not saying that, Apple iPAd is the best tablet. But this is undoubtedly a great piece of tablet PC; so great that no other tablet can beat (KILL) it in competition – not until next few years, at least.  Even if you forget about the brand (Apple) and simply consider the factor of performance and deliverance,  still then iPAd is a great tablet.

And the cool price tag (even if some feel it is bit on the higher side) and no contract option are pure add-ons. People do compliant about not having a webcam in it and so and so. C’mon! You asked for a cheaper device than the macs and Apple gave you just that. Wait a while and you may get a better iPad with webcam that too with a better deal. So the bottom line is — the only tablet that can beat iPad in its own game can only be an iPad (next generation)! All other so-called competitors are yet to show enough evidence that they can do that. It is possible; but NOT in next couple of years, at least.


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