Why Computer Threats Can be Interesting [Infographic]

Computers, like humans, have millions of viruses and bugs — and just like us some don’t have any cures! Isn’t that a cool analogy? And the facts associated with Computer threats, as the following infographics is going to show you, are even cooler!

Computer Threats – Interesting Facts

Why Computer Threats Can be Interesting [Infographic]

In year 2002, only 20,000 Computer viruses, worms and trojans were found active. Since then, 2.6 million malicious code threats have been detected till date.

23% of all malicious activity was US based, the average cost of a data breach was $6.7 million and 27% of data breaches occured in the education sector.

76% of all phishing scams target the financial industry and only 24% target ISP, retails, internet government and online gaming industry.

Credit card info accounts for 32% of all stolen information that was sold. Bank account credentials represent another 19% of sold information.

Symantec is the largest developer of computer security software — they track over 32,000 vulnerabilities, spanning 72,000 technologies and 11,000 vendors. They process 8 billion phishing and spam emails per day.

13% of bot infected machines are in China, making it the most infected country. 4% are in Buenos Aires, the most infected city.

If you want more such exciting yet alarming facts about Computer threats then we suggest you to take a look at this infographic:

The Deal with computer-threats. Click here for more such Infographics


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