Why You Should Recycle Your Mobile Phone

If we don’t recycle our discarded mobile phones, it is possible that a day will come when the darn things could gobble us up – there are that many of them. Agree or not, like any other old, unused and discarded gadgets, mobile phones are also electronic wastes that need to be recycled! According to the Guardian, nearly 15 million mobile phones are discarded in the UK alone each year – now that’s a staggering enough number, but shockingly only 4% of them are being recycled.

Why You Should Recycle Your Mobile Phone

Here is yet another revealing fact — as per Nokia, one of the leading mobile phone selling brands in the world, 100% of the materials in the discarded old mobile phones can be recovered to make products such as musical instruments, park benches and what not. Isn’t is worth your while to put your unused mobile phone to good use?

Also, if you choose to be plain right lazy and dump it down the garbage can, you will be harming the environment and the mother nature a great deal. So now that we have got good reasons why we should recycle our old and discarded mobile phones, the next question that arises is – how to recycle an old mobile phone? Luckily, it’s quite simple actually!

Right now, there quite a many good mobile phone recycling comparison sites where you can quickly get a great deal for your old mobile phone and sell it in return of some good cash without any hassles. To recycle phones such as your old mobile handset, one of the easiest ways to generate some extra cash is to use a mobile phone recycling comparison service. RecycleMobilePhones.co.uk is one such site that compares all the UK leading mobile recycling companies, so that you can select the best deal when you sell you old phone for cash.

If you want to make some extra cash then you should definitely consider selling your old mobile phone to Envirofone for recycling. They pay up to £200 for your old phone and offer up to 70% for damaged or broken phones, so you can earn some cash today by simply sending all your old phones, no matter the condition to Envirofone. Envirofone has recycled over 1.8 million phones in the past 12 months and over 95% of all the phones that are sent in are repaired and re-used the world over. They have multiple payment options through cheque, Argos vouchers or PayPal.

Another great way to recycle your old cell phone is by selling it to Mazuma Mobile. Simply use the tables on their site and enter the type of phone you have along with its model number and then you will see how much Mazooma Mobile will give you for your old mobile phone. Mazuma Mobile have paid out over £35 million to customers who have sold or recycled their phones through them. They will also pay you within 48 hours of receiving your phone and have live online support if you need it.

Since we have so many options to recycle our old useless mobile phones where we can help our environment while earning some extra cash, make it a practice to always recycle old mobile phones. Never throw them away. It’s actually illegal to throw mobile phones away anyway. You have to recycle them properly using some sort of recycling initiative and there are many around so there’s no excuses. And as a bonus, your old useless cell phone will bring few extra dollars that you can use for purchasing other sophisticated gadgets.


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