Will Clouds Turn Data Centers into Mainstream Servers?

Data centers have long been used for businesses needing to house large amounts of files and information. Through these centers they have been able to streamline operations, offer employees access to necessary data from anywhere in the world, and increase the security of the information used on a regular basis.

The implementation of cloud computing and the rise of virtualization has allowed several individuals access to the same types of services that only businesses once had. Through personal cloud computing services, such as those offered by Amazon and Apple, nearly everyone has access to additional storage, files that can be accessed from any device, and increased security.

As the director of Datacenter Research at Microsoft, Christian Belady states  “Cloud computing is the utility of the future”. “I look at it as a way to distribute energy. At the end of the day, data is energy.”

Even if Microsoft did not say that, people who are very aware of the cloud phenomenon already knows that the cloud is the utility of the future. Even smaller companies and SMEs are slowly transferring to the cloud because of its benefits and cost-effectiveness.

And who is going to have to support all of this cloud storage? The data centers being used by those providing the personal cloud services.

Now, data centers in Boston, New York, and other parts of the world are having to consider restructuring their entire designs and use.

They will no longer have to only consider offering adequate security, storage, and hard and software to businesses; they will also have to consider the needs of the individual who will be further using cloud services. Data centers will essentially become servers for everyone.

Current servers provide internet hosting to small scale businesses and individuals, but that kind of service can be accessed from the cloud. Companies providing hosting from cloud data centers are only continuing to rise making the need for on-premise services nearly obsolete, and many data centers are beginning to invest in cloud software.

Furthermore, many software providers, such as Microsoft and Apple, are starting to focus their efforts on creating scalable operating systems to work with cloud computing.

Data centers who are able to create their own cloud software will then be able to sell it on a more personal scale. There will literally be no need for the server anymore as any data center will be able to provide all needs in one tight bundle.

While this type of service is definitely in the works, interested users can expect it to be a few years before such systems become entirely scalable.

Fully functioning operating systems and software have yet to be designed. In the meantime, check out programs like Rackspace and iCloud to note what the future of hosting will look like.


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