Winamp Out Of Beta With Wireless Sync; Aims To Become iTunes Of Android

Here’s a blast from the past: Winamp, once a mainstream media player of college dorms and LAN parties since time immemorial (er, 1997 or so) has made the leap from PC to handset with the release of Winamp for Android. The public Android release lets you manage your music downloads on your Android and will offer a couple new features, including wireless syncing over WiFi with Winamp on your desktop computer and the addition of Shoutcast radio stations. The wireless syncing requires a new desktop version for Windows computers, which is also available now.

Winamp Out Of Beta With Wireless Sync Aims To Become iTunes Of Android

One of the greatest setbacks of the Android platform has been the absence of a killer media player, as its native media player is simply lacking. But Winamp for Android is a powerful new alternative now. And Winamp on Android is a winner because it’s simply a very solid audio player.

Winamp is now available for Android 2.1 and up, and features a playback widget for the Android desktop and integration. But that ain’t all! If you install Winamp 5.59 beta on your PC, you can sync and manage your libraries via USB or WiFI. When you click on an album cover as you are listening and you get discography information, news, and music reviews from AOL Music. With the support of over-the-air syncing for music, Winamp can sync music from your desktop to your phone.

The new, free Android app has been in a beta testing phase since October 21 and the reviews from the technology community have been overwhelmingly positive – an average rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 from users. Many music lovers today have a vast library of music on their computer but lack an effective means to transfer their files to a non-Apple mobile device — and Winamp for Androids seems to fill in that gap quite nicely.

Download Link: Winamp for Androids can be downloaded from or Android Market.


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