Windows Phone 7 Devices Launched [Video Guide]

As expected, yesterday Microsoft unveiled a number of sleek, high-resolution, powerful Windows Phone 7 powered smartphones on the AT&T network. Microsoft also unveiled two T-Mobile devices; but nothing from Verizon or Sprint until 2011. The publicly announced Windows Phone handset makers so far include Dell, HTC, LG and Samsung. Interestingly, the latter three have track records of strong commitments to Google Android handsets.

Windows Phone 7 Devices Launched [Video Guide]

However, it was speculated that Microsoft would be showing off an iPad-like tablet or another iteration of WP7 for tablet devices but this was not the case. Microsoft stayed on target and only spoke about the Phones and new Phone OS. The new handsets will be released in Europe on October 21st and in north America beginning November 8th by AT&T. The first phone with Windows Phone 7 will be the Samsung Focus and a couple weeks after AT&T will release the HTC Surround and LG Quantum, all three will cost 199.99 with a two year contract. T-Mobile will be releasing the HTC HD7 mid November and the Dell Venue Pro at an unspecified date. Sprint already has a phone exclusive to them; the HTC 7 Pro will be released the first half of 2011.

Here is a video tour of the event and some hands-on time with the Focus, Optimus 7, and Surround. Be sure to drop into the comments section below to tell us if you think Microsoft is finally on the right mobile strategy track.

Windows Phone 7 Device Lineup

Microsoft Launches First Windows Phone 7 Handsets

All in all, however, Microsoft is most assuredly back in the smartphone game. Windows Phone 7 is a smart, easy to use, and legitimately original OS, and the folks in Redmond seem to have the partnerships and marketing in place to make an impact in a crowded field. It will be interesting to see the company reemerge in this race, and you can be sure we’ll be there every step of the way.


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