World’s Biggest Tech Lawsuit Pay-outs

Tech-ing out their frustration

They’re among the world’s biggest brands and have produced technology which many believe has changed the world for the better. However, when it comes to fighting each other and trying to maximize profits, a number of the biggest tech firms on the planet have fallen foul of the law, and it’s cost them a significant amount of money.

As this infographic by the guys from First4Lawyers demonstrates, there have been a number of clashes over issues such as patents, price-fixing and even trying to crush the competition. Arguably the most outstanding of all the cases was the Apple vs. Samsung lawsuit, where the latter was ordered by court to pay over $1bn in damages.

However, an appeal from the Korean electronics giant saw the amount of compensation due to Apple slashed. Anxiety from both about being caught in similar lawsuits in the future could come to an end if they realize how much not playing by the rules can cost them.

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