World’s First Motion Sensitive Headphones from Sony Ericsson – MH907

Escape the ordinary – listen to your favorite music and receive calls without touching a button with the Motion Activated Headphones MH907. Sony Ericsson have unveiled their MH907 Headphones, these are the world’s first ever motion activated headphones. This means that the headphones can sense the user, if you place both earphones in your ears, the music will start playing. If you then remove one ear bud, then the music will pause. The music will then continue once you replace the ear bud in your ear.

While this is far from revolutionary, the MH907 headphones certainly offer some extraordinary convenience and may well turn out to be very intuitive. We’ll have to find out more when we get our hands on a unit. The MH907 Headphones uses Sony Ericsson’s SensMe™ Control technology. The headphones are not all about gimmicks, they also produce a superior sound so you can enjoy your music while on the move.World’s First Ever Motion Sensitive Headphones from SONY - MH907

Sony Eric apparently achieves this via capacitive sensing technology — it makes use of your skin (your ears in this case) as an electrical conduit. Aside from music playback, you can perform the same actions for answering and ending calls. The MH907 works with most Sony Ericsson mobiles with a Fast Port connector and comes in yellow, white,and ‘Titan Chrome’ shades. No word yet on when they’ll go on sale.


  • Colours: Yellow/White and Titan Chrome
  • Size: 164cm long
  • Weight: 25.32g

Download the product fact sheet from here (pdf)

So if you’re listening to your favorite album and someone interrupts you – darn them! Removing your ear bud will temporarily stop music playback. You no more need to press the pause button on your Sony Ericsson phone or the headphones’ in-line control. Listen to music normally with one bud in each ear, but pull one side out and music automatically pauses. Calls are received/ended in the same way. Isn’t that really cool? 😉


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