Wow! Nobody at “Times Square” knows What a “Browser” is…

Looks like my daily morning browsing is helping me indirectly to write something new at Yesterday it was the discovery of how AVG Search Shield is Blocking Google ‘Cached Pages’, Flagging them as Active Threats and today I stumbled upon something I find hard to believe. But strangely if you think about it, I guess it actually makes sense.

Define What is a Browser

Recently Google did a random survey in Times Square, New York. There is a little video floating around on YouTube that is worth the watch. It’s pretty funny actually, but at the same time is pretty shocking as well.

Albeit shoking, this is hardly surprising results I would say. Software developers have to make their products as easy and effortless to use as possible, but unfortunately that means people never have to find out whats happening. They just learn to click on a thing, type in a box and the magic of computer does the rest, leaving no clue to the user about what really is happening.

Anyway this is kind of scary for website/blog owners, developers and especially people like Google who are trying to get their newish browser (Chrome) out there. If people don’t even know what a browser is then how do you get them to use a new browser? Pretty scary, huh? 😉

As a webmaster (blog owner) you do everything to make your website/blog look perfect on all the new current browsers, whether that’s IE8, Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. And then you pull up your blog on a friend’s computer still running IE6 and you think, “jeez, that’s not what it’s supposed to look like”! 🙁

It’s a sad day indeed to realize how unaware people are about what a browser is. However, folks at Google have created an entire campaign to educate people about what is a browser. Checkout the website, and here’s another short demonstration video.

However, I think the easiest (and ‘dumbest’, in a funny way) definition of a Web Browser is: “considering the fact that we see a web browser on every computer and that 99 percent of those people use it, a ‘Web Browser’ is just what we see on a computer while you are ‘browsing’ internet”. 😉

What is your definition of a browser, by the way? 🙂


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