Xbox 360 Kinect May Be Scratching and Damaging Game Discs

Microsoft’s Kinect is an awe inspiring piece of technology marvel that allows you to be the controller. To be real honest, the Kinect device is nothing short of miraculous, given the price that these things sell at. However, the lucky consumers who were fortunate enough to purchase one may be in for an unlucky surprise when they realize their Xbox game disc ends up scratched within a mere couple of hours.

Xbox 360 Kinect May Be Scratching, Damaging, Eating and Killing Game Discs

TechChunks asked its old friend Google about “XBox Scratch Disks” and was informed that there were more than 260,000 entries concerning this issue. Sure, not all of them will be genuine, new or even true – but how many issues does one manufacturer have to see its customers endure before it chooses to fix the problem? If you have concerns about genuity of this issue then head over to Wikipedia. Wikipedia, has a great section devoted solely to the problems suffered by XBox 360 owners, which you can find here.

People seems to have been experiencing this problem of scratches around their disc ever since the Xbox Kinext 360 released. Turning the console while the disc is running is a sure way to accomplish this scratch. But how does it happen if your 360 is stationary? This surprises me from a company as accomplished as Microsoft. At 50 dollars a pop for games, I wonder how much money Xbox Kinect 360 gamers may have just thrown away…

Xbox 360′s are made with a relatively cheap disc drive that allows vibration from your feet to move that disc drive ever so slightly. Mix this with Kinect’s constant requirement to move and jump around and you can have a scratched disc! Sadly, if the issue is real and is related to vibrations from bouncing Kinect users, then it could take several months to spot any trend. We are crossing our fingers and hoping that this won’t turn out to be an international epidemic.

While Microsoft enables the world to communicate with PCs, it seems to have been strangely non-committal about the problem of “Whose responsibility is it to replace disks which have been scratched by an XBox 360 – when the manufacturer has ample evidence that the problem is not an isolated one”.

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If you have ever suffered from XDisc, let us know. Also, we’re keen to hear from you if you have any legal opinion about damage to 3rd party disks (i.e. NOT from Microsoft Game Studio) which are scratched during normal operation of an XBox 360 during the first year of use. We are sure, this issue is gonna do lot more damage to the reputation of Microsoft and Xbox Kinect 360 than the damage caused to the Xbox game discs! What do you think?


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