Younicorn: turn your dog into a unicorn with your iPhone

Do you believe in magic? You will after downloading this practically indispensable new iPhone app. Of all the novelty photo apps we’ve seen on the iPhone, Younicorn might be the weirdest. Simply upload your photo, choose one of 12 mystical, enchanted backgrounds, add an adjustable horn, then get ready to have a spell cast on your mind! What’s better? You can also upload your Younicorn photos directly to your Facebook page for all to see. Want to play a magical prank on a friend or family member? Younicorn them. Have a baby or a pet? Younicorn them. Looks like just about everyone looks better with a long, pointy horn growing out of their head. 😉

How to Turn Anyone into a Unicorn with Your iPhone

There are several backgrounds to choose from, including sparkles, rainbows, and an array of space-themed scenes. You can place anyone – even your dog, which I find totally hilarious – into one of these backdrops, and position a glowing horn on their forehead. All this magic can be yours if you have enough dollars to buy this app for just 99 cents in the app store!

For extra Younicorn fun, check out a video of the Younicorn team enacting a real-life version of their app, after the jump.

What are you waiting for then? Go ahead and try Younicorn in your own iPhone and show us your creativity. 🙂


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