Convert Video to MP3 and Download Free Music

Have you been looking for the best MP3 search engine on the internet and ways to download music for free in mp3 format? By free music, of course, we mean the thousands of legal music that you can download for free without getting yourself into trouble by downloading torrent music. For example, you can use one of those best YouTube to MP3 converters that lets you convert and download YouTube videos in most popular music formats. The most trusted YouTube to MP3 converter tools are often fast, free, and require no download or registration!

Why Convert YouTube video to Free MP3 Music?

Most of us will agree that YouTube serves thousands of free songs in all genres and some are clips from popular albums and movies. While it is true that the quality of such YouTube video is hardly the best, but their quantity is staggering. If you are a music fan like I’m, then I’m almost sure you’d agree that YouTube is often the fastest and easiest way to hear a song and that a legal YouTube to audio converter could prove useful to save some of your favorite music to listen later.

That’s where MP3Grabber‘s Free YouTube to MP3 Converter steps in. This online service is unbelievably fast, simple, and free. Using this free converter, you can quickly download, convert and save audio tracks from YouTube videos as MP3s of several quality levels. It extracts audio from any YouTube video, not just songs, of course.

How to Download Free MP3 Music using MP3Grabber?

MP3Grabber is an online service to convert video to mp3. They are one of the most popular converters today and claim to be the world’s number 1 Youtube to Mp3 converter. Their online converter tool allows you to download YouTube videos and the audio from non-copyrighted video clips on video sites like YouTube, Dailymotion etc.

There are three ways to use MP3Grabber. The main window told us to paste a YouTube URL inside it, so we did, after first browsing to YouTube and selecting a song posting. You need to copy and paste a video link in the ‘Paste video URL or Enter Keywords to Search MP3‘ textbox and click the big green ‘Grab it‘ button to download mp3. We used few URLs from video sites like YouTube and Dailymotion. This free YouTube to MP3 Converter supports AAC, FLAC, WAV, OGG, and other formats, with many more options available on the Preset Editor, including the ability to add new ones. However, we noticed that it requires a java-enabled browser to be able to function and displays this message if it detects a browser that lacks the java plugin — ‘To download this mp3, you need to install the Java plug-in. Click here to install the Java plug-in. After the installation, please reload this page.

Another way to use MP3Grabber to get free MP3 music is to convert local video or audio file to other audio formats like mp3, wma, wav, ogg, aac, flac, ra etc. Thus, you can save clips and play them on your audio player without needing to play them on a video player. The point is that Free YouTube to MP3 Converter makes the job so fast and easy that you’ll actually grab that audio instead of just thinking about it.

Finally, they also have a ‘Search MP3’ feature that lets you type the keywords to search mp3 and then download it. They actually display a list of recently converted MP3 files right below the search/converter textbox. They also have 3 buttons for each of these recently converted files and give you the option to either download the same as video, mp3 or just Play it.

Irrespective of whether you used YouTube video to download or used a local video/audio file to convert, in the end you will get a ready mp3 file, which you can finally enjoy without a video to go with it. This online video converter is one of the fastest and safest ways to get your favorite mp3 files.

This Free YouTube to MP3 converter made quick work of downloading, converting, and saving our tunes. You can only do so much with YouTube audio, of course, but these sounded fine — hardly CD-quality, but good enough for MP3s (or free MP3s, at any rate). Another great way to use this free tool is to grab a YouTube version of any music album or band and then convert it and hear it in MP3 first, before you decide to go ahead and buy the album (if you like the song) or rent the movie. Why would you buy the CD (or the download) if you haven’t heard the band?


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