Crash Course On Cyber Security in the Cloud

Cloud computing is a nifty way in which information is stored and accessed remotely- without having to bring a device everywhere in order to access it. The use of the cloud is of particular use when working with sensitive information that you do not want to lose and need to access wherever you are, at any time. With the rise of cloud computing comes a natural concern for the security of that individual’s information. This is a fair concern, however there are ways in which we can all minimize the amount of chance for a possible breach in security, in fact- businesses can improve cyber defenses by leveraging the data they have quickly and efficiently. Indeed, better knowledge management allows companies to find the right balance between protecting itself against risks, utilizing opportunities and reaping the benefits of cloud computing. 

How Common?

Cloud breaches are pretty common. When it comes to anything being online and connected to a virtual playground, you are always at risk of something being hacked. It is an unfortunate downside to the incredible technological improvements that have been made this decade. About 43% of companies had some sort of security breach in 2014- a number that does not exactly sound great. Thankfully, there’s a rapidly growing number of people going into cloud security, and a significant effort being put into the increase of cloud security.

Public vs. Private?

There are public and private cloud platforms that you are able to go with. The initial thought when choosing between the two would naturally be that the private cloud server would indeed be safer and more secure. This is not exactly the case. Private may only initially raise your standards in security but overall it is more about how you handle your cloud computing needs in general, and how you use the cloud.

What Can You Do?

This brings us to taking action. What can you do in order to make sure that you and your company are safer than the rest? Well, as it would happen, the biggest threat to your company’s cloud security comes from the inside. Whether it be your employees accessing information outside the safety of the company’s devices, or hacking from the inside, it is best to take care of this first- make sure that you do not allow all your employees access to sensitive information. You should have security policies in place. It will benefit your company greatly if you encrypt data and use firewalls when possible. It is also necessary to take note of the fact that storage is the most risky use of the cloud. You should also make sure that you have many different cloud services in tact, depending on the size of your company, it all goes back to who you can trust with your data, and it usually means that the less people, the better. If you can get these down, using the cloud should have minimal risks, but of course, it does not hurt to learn as much as you can about cloud security.


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