GameStation Claims Online Customer’s Souls As Payment

Thousands of online shoppers unknowingly signed their souls over to a computer-game store after failing to read the terms and conditions on their website.

UK game retailer Gamestation tricked 7,500 online customers into selling their souls when they added the “immortal soul clause” to their terms and conditions as an April Fool’s joke. The retailer added the clause not only as a prank, but to show how few users actually read the terms and conditions of websites.

April Fools Gamestation Terms Trick 7500 into Selling Souls

By placing an order via this web site on the first day of the fourth month of the year 2010 Anno Domini, you agree to grant Us a non transferable option to claim, for now and for ever more, your immortal soul,” reads the terms and conditions. Gamestation adds that when they arrive to take your soul, “We reserve the right to serve such notice in 6 (six) foot high letters of fire.

And it was discovered that more than 88% of the British public do not read the terms and conditions of a website before they make a purchase online.

Before the experiment started Gamestation’s online general manager Steve Wind-Mozley said: “Based on an average days trading, we expect to acquire hundreds of souls as customers continually ignore the small print.

Showing a surprising amount of humor and ingenuity, on April 1st gave anyone making a purchase the option to give the company their immortal soul or opt out of the offer and receive a £5 gift voucher and entry in to a competition instead. It turns out many people don’t actually read the small print anymore, and as such GameStation is the proud owner of 7500 souls.

The 12% who did read the fine print and opted out were rewarded with £5 vouchers to the site and entry into a raffle for a video game prize pack. The rest have been notified via email that their soul transfers have been nullified. Do you read the terms and conditions of websites while filling out an online form? If not, beware; I would not want to give away my soul if I were you! 😛


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