How to Create a Viral Video Tutorial

As you may have noticed, tutorial or ‘how to’ videos are a dime a dozen and it sometimes feels as if YouTube is absolutely full of them. Want to learn how to mix drinks? There’s a tutorial on YouTube for that. Want to learn how to DIY a cabinet? There’s a YouTube video for that too.

But if you’ve gone through these videos you may have noticed that not all of them are equal in terms of their attractiveness. On one hand there are those that are clear, polished, and just generally appealing – while on the other hand there are those that are not. To create a tutorial video that is more the former than the latter you need to approach it right.

‘Must Have’ Elements of Attractive Video Tutorials

Attractive Video Tutorials

If you were to go through as many tutorial videos as you can and list out the elements that make some videos ‘better’ than others, you’d realize that there are several similarities:

  • Crisp and sharp video without any shaky parts, blurry sections, or color issues.
  • Clear and coherent voice overs that tend to avoid ‘uh-ing’ and ‘umm-ing’ as much as possible.
  • Tasteful use of special effects, transitions, and background music.
  • Well-outlined step-by-step structure to the content.
  • Concise, straightforward, and to the point.

Planning a Tutorial Video

Considering what ‘must’ be in a good tutorial video, the first (and very obvious) step is to plan it out properly.

By the time you’re done with the planning you should have a script that outlines exactly what is going to be in your video scene-by-scene and deals with what each scene will contain, what the voiceover will be saying, as well as what background music will be included (if any).

The best place to start writing this script would be by outlining the steps of your tutorial and then developing each one of them as its own individual scene.

Recording, Editing, and Re-Shooting

How to Create a Tutorial Video that ‘Pops’ and Gets Noticed

Once you have a script it’s really all about execution. Assuming it’s your first time creating a tutorial video you should keep in mind that rarely does a video turn out perfectly on the ‘first take’.

To ensure that your video looks great, you need to be prepared to record, edit, and re-shoot until you get the footage that you need. Often this can be the hardest part as it requires not only a familiarity with screen capture or webcam recording software to get the video footage, but also experience with video editing.

It would help if you have software that will allow you to record video on Mac as that could be your starting point. The Movavi Screen Capture for Mac is perfect in that regard and it will give you all the features you need to control the video that you capture.

After that, it’s up to you to go over the footage, edit it if necessary, and polish it by adding the other ingredients that you’ll need to jazz it up and make it look great.

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