How to Create Your Own Autorun CD/DVD?

Ever wished if your own self-compiled CD/DVD also had the built-in autorun feature (like that of the professional software CDs/DVDs) and it ran on it’s own as soon as the CD/DVD drive started spinning? Well, if you thought that the solution was complex and out of the scope, then relax; you were wrong! You can in fact create your own CD/DVD that autoruns like any other factory packaged one.

How to Create Your Own Autorun CD DVD

Whenever a CD/DVD is placed in the drive, Windows starts looking for a file named autorun.inf in the disk and executes the program in that file. Here is how to create an autorun.inf for your own CD/DVD:

– Open Notepad (or any other text editor).
– Enter following two lines of code ( here, fileneame = name of program you want to autorun! )
– Save this file as ‘autorun.inf‘
– Burn it on the CD/DVD along with the program that you want to autorun here, i.e. filename.exe ( (obvious?)

Wasn’t that a simple yet cool tip to create your own autorun CD/DVD? 😉

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