How to Delete Your Skype Message (Chat) History?

Have you been wondering — how do I clean, clear or remove all my Skype history, Skype chat history, Skype conversation history or history in Skype? When it comes to communicating online, Skype is one of the most important and preferred tool. The simplicity and the features that it offers make it the default choice of the people en masse. No doubt, that it is also a means of providing livelihood to bloggers, and others. Now, it has a feature which is a boon for people who keep forgetting. It saves all the text chats.

But, this never forgetting functionality of Skype can be a bane for the people and organizations concerned about privacy. Whenever the operating system loads, depending upon the setting, Skype automatically signs in to your account and anyone can read your text chats from there. By default, all the text chats are saved in the history of the client. And the last thing that you face would be your best friend reading your chats with your girl friend. If you fall under the category for whom such feature is useless and a bane, then don’t worry. I will tell you how to get rid of that pesky pain in the ‘you know what’ feature!

Steps to Delete Your Chat History in Skype

This is a very common question and there are a number of ways of doing this depending on what you want to do. Learn how to delete and permanently clean out your message, chat and conversation history from Skype. When you delete your chat history in Skype, it removes your entire history, which includes: Instant messages; International and Domestic Calls; Voice messages; SMS text messages.

Follow below simple steps and you will be easily able to delete past messages stored in Skype. If you get stuck with any step or get any problem then fire your query in the comment box below.

Step 1:

Open Skype. In the menu bar, go to tools (second last from right) and select options. (The last one) You can refer above image for the reference on how to do this.

Step 2:

Hover you eyes to the left plane and click on IM & SMS which would open IM settings. Now look right and click Show advanced options. You can refer above image for the reference on how to do this.


Choose keep history for forever. Then click Clear History. You can refer above image for the reference on how to do this.

Voila! Your entire chat history has been erased now.

How to stop Skype from storing message in future?

As everybody is concerned about the privacy, it would be better if you stop Skype saving all your future chats. To do so, follow this. Just click the drop-down menu and select no history from Keep history for and you are done with it. Skype would not save your history henceforth. So this way you can stop Skype from storing your message in future.

For those who face problem with Windows 8 Skype messenger, I would suggest them to uninstall it and install Skype Desktop messenger for windows 7. You will feel more comfortable with it.

What are your views on saving Skype chats? Has anyone ever read your chats? Or more importantly, have you read someone else chat?? Tell us in the comments. Also if you got problem with any of above steps you can fire your query below and I will try to sort it out.

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