Save Audio From YouTube Videos with Movavi Screen Capture

Have you ever been watching a YouTube video and felt that the background music was really quite good? In most cases it would be quite difficult to try to track down the exact piece of music that was playing, and more often than not you may not even bother to do so

That is where having Movavi Screen Capture could make a world of difference. Essentially you could use it to save the audio from any YouTube videos you encounter right on the spot – so you don’t have to look it up and then find a place to download it. Once it is saved, you can then listen to it whenever you feel like, or even transfer it over to a mobile device, MP3 player or burn a music CD of it.

How to rip Audio from YouTube using Movavi Screen Capture


Assuming that prospect interests you, all you need to do to use Movavi Screen Capture to rip audio from YouTube is:

  1. Launch the software and select ‘Record screen’.
  2. Draw a capture frame on the screen (it can encompass the video or not – since you are only saving the audio anyway).
  3. Check that the ‘System Audio’ icon is highlighted green and click it if not to activate it.
  4. Check that the ‘Microphone’ icon is not highlighted.
  5. Click ‘REC’ and play the YouTube video at the same time.
  6. Click ‘Stop’ when the part that you want to record is done.
  7. Click ‘Save as’ and select ‘MP3’ or some other audio format from the list then click ‘Save’.

If some audio was recorded that isn’t necessary you can trim it out before you save the track. Otherwise that’s really all you need to do and you should end up with an audio file when you’re done.


Make no mistake you can set up Movavi Screen Capture to record videos with various parameters. In particular you may want to experiment with adjusting the capture frame, audio source, and frame rate – as well as choosing whether or not to record keyboard and mouse actions.

By altering the recording parameters, you could save videos from YouTube in exactly the way you desire. However if you are only really interested in using Movavi Screen Capture to save the background music or audio tracks, then you should now know exactly what you need to do and be able to start immediately.


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