Top 5 New WhatsApp Features Nobody Told You About

WhatsApp has recently released a bunch of new features in their latest update for Android smartphones. The latest update, version 2.12.194, brings a host of new, exiting features that add a number of extra functionality and several long awaited wishlist items for WhatsApp users. Though this update is yet to be pushed to the Google Play Store, you can still directly download it from the company’s official website and start using these cool new, hidden and secret features in WhatsApp.

1. Mark WhatsApp Messages as Unread

Mark WhatsApp Messages as Unread

Ever wished if you could mark a particular WhatsApp message as unread, just like you can do so to your emails etc? Your wish has been fulfilled — well, sort of! This new WhatsApp feature will NOT change its status to indicate, you have not read the message yet; your messages will still appear as read (double blue ticks) to the senders.

However, you can use this cool new feature to highlight WhatsApp messages so you can remember to get back to them at a later stage. Additionally, marking a message as unread will have no effect on the order of conversations.

2. Low Data Usage For Voice Calling on WhatsApp

Low Data Usage For Voice Calling on WhatsApp

For folks who make VOIP calls on a regular basis and wish if they could reduce their data consumption can now have the ability to control how much data they would want to be consumed by their WhatsApp voice calls. To access this new feature, go to: Settings > Chats and Calls > Low Data Usage (tap this option to save data while making WhatsApp voice calls).

4. WhatsApp Custom Notifications

WhatsApp Custom Notifications

Earlier, you could set notifications for the entire app but with this new WhatsApp feature now you can set customized notifications. For instance, you can set a specific ringtone for a particular contact, so you can easily know the messages and calls are from that particular person even without taking a look at your smartphone.

Also, you can set notification LED light colors, different ringtones for call and messages, enable or disable vibrations and pop-up notifications for each and every contact.

4. Mute Selected Contacts on WhatsApp

Mute Selected Contacts on WhatsApp

Hate replying to some of your contacts but can’t block them? Earlier, you could only mute group conversations on WhatsApp. But with the recent update you will be able to mute individual contacts too. To mute any person in your WhatsApp contact list, select the Mute bar in the About menu. You can also decide the duration for which you want to mute the chat. Just slide the Mute bar to the right and you will get options to mute the chat: 8 hours, a week, or a year.

5. WhatsApp Data and Google Drive Backup

WhatsApp Data and Google Drive Backup

This has been one of the most talked about and long awaited WhatsApp features and with this, backing up your WhatsApp chats, images, videos and voice messages will become a lot easier. This feature is not live yet, but there is enough evidence in this latest update to suggest that we can expect Google Drive Backup feature to arrive anytime now! To get a sneak preview of this soon upcoming feature, go to: Settings > Account option Settings and you will see that the Network Usage menu now mentions 2 new details about your WhatsApp data consumption — Google Drive backup bytes sent, and Google Drive backup bytes received.


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