Top 5 ‘Hidden’ and ‘Secret’ Features in Gmail that Nobody Told You About!

5 Secret Gmail Features You Didn’t Know Existed!

Gmail is perhaps the most widely used online email service and it is quite powerful too. as far as the various features are concerned. If you’ve been using Gmail as your primary email client on a daily basis, you may think that you already know every tip and trick that Gmail has to offer. However, there’s a whole bunch of incredibly powerful and immensely cool Gmail features that you may not know that they exist.

Top 5 ‘Hidden’ and ‘Secret’ Features in Gmail that Nobody Told You About!

In fact, they’re hidden in plain sight and are like Google Easter Eggs! Some of these cool features are directly available under Gmail’s General Settings but to access the others you will need to enable them from Gmail Labs. So before we list these hidden Gmail features let us first show you how to enable Gmail Labs features.

Enabling Gmail Labs Features

Accessing these hidden Gmail features is unbelievably simple. Click on the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner of your Gmail screen and then click on Settings. Once you have opened the Settings screen, click on the Labs tab as shown in the screenshot below and you’ll see a list of experimental Gmail features that you’re can enable or disable. All these labs settings are disabled by default though, which is why they are hidden until you go and enable them. Once you select a Labs feature you’ll have to click Save Changes at the bottom of the screen to make sure your selected Gmail Labs features are enabled.

How to Enable Gmail Lab Hidden Features

Here are 5 Gmail Labs features you should enable right now.

1. Default ‘Reply All’

You don’t need Gmail Labs to enable this feature but this is probably the most controversial feature of the lot and lets you set your default email reply action to “Reply All” instead of just “Reply”. How often have you been in a situation, when multiple people were involved in an email thread and one person broke off the chain by accidentally hitting the “Reply” button instead of “Reply All”, causing everyone else miss that part of the conversation? Now you can save yourself from being “that guy or girl” by toggling this option in Gmail’s general settings. And when you want to reply just to a single person, you’ll still be able to do so by pulling the dropdown menu next to the Reply All button and selecting “Reply”.
How to Enable 'Reply to all' Gmail Feature

2. Undo Send

Picture this: You spend an hour writing a strongly worded letter, hit the send button, only to realize you probably shouldn’t have sent that mail, not with those words! Thankfully, Gmail’s Undo Send feature — it used to be hidden in Gmail Labs, but now available right under General Settings — can save you from yourself. When enabled, after you send an email, Gmail will wait a predefined number of seconds (5, 10, 20, or 30, configurable in Gmail’s settings) before actually sending it to the recipient’s address. Thus giving you the extra time, so you can hit the “Undo” button and redeem yourself before the damage has been done.

How to Enable Undo Send Gmail Feature

3. Custom Keyboard Shortcuts

We all love keyboard shortcuts, don’t we? But did you know that there are so many keyboard shortcuts that exist for Gmail? Moreover, if you don’t find Gmail’s own default keybindings intuitive enough, then the Custom Keyboard Shortcuts feature, which is available in Gmail Labs will let you customize your own shortcuts from Gmail’s Settings page.

Custom Keyboard Shortcuts for Gmail

4. Canned Responses

If you are someone who finds himself replying the same text over and over again in your emails, setting up Gmail Canned Responses will let you send a pre-defined reply with just one click. What’s even more awesome? Gmail’s canned responses can be used irrespective of what computer or mobile device you’re on. They’re even available on your smartphone as well as tablets. Cool, eh?

How to Enable Gmail Canned Responses Feature

5. Send & Archive

This is a little life-saver, especial for folks who are obsessive about keeping their inbox clean and tidy, To enable this feature, just head into Gmail’s General Settings and select the “Show “Send & Archive” button in reply” radio button. Now, when you’re replying or composing an email, you can have the option to simply send OR send your message as well as archive the email thread in one go and keep your inbox clean and tidy.

How to Enable Send and Archive Feature

Which one of these hidden Gmail features are you going to enable NOW? Let us know!

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