Top 3 Data Recovery Software for PCs and Smartphones

Data recovery tools are currently among one of the most demanded software of the modern era. This is the reason due to which they have been a part of company’s basic software list. There are numerous data recovery software in the market but there are a few which are really worthy to use. But in this modern time when no one has a single moment to spare it is hard to find out the best data recovery software that not only matches your company’s requirements but it also matches your monetary requirements.

We have listed out some of the best data recovery software for the people and companies who are looking for a data recovery software. This article will mention the top 3 data recovery software of the modern era and the reasons why is it worthy to invest your time and money in them.


1. EaseUS Data Recovery Software

Currently there are thousands of data recovery software running in the market. But the best among all these software is EaseUS Data Recovery Software. The reason that every company currently desires to have EaseUs as their premium data recovery software is its performance. If you do not believe this article then you need to try it out at least once and you won’t go anywhere else. Following is the list of features that you will find with EaseUs data recovery software.

  • The latest feature of this software is that it now supports large disk (including non-512 bytes). You will not find this kind of feature in any other data recovery software.
  • With a totally new interface it has become easier for non-technical users to use it without any professional help. The brand-new user interface is more intuitive.
  • It now has scans your computer at a faster rate by skipping bad sectors automatically. You will not find such features in any other data recovery software.
  • It will also recover files that have been deleted from the Recycle Bin.
  • None of the data recovery software allows you to recover files after a partitioning error but you know what EaseUS allows you this making it a worthy addition to your bucket of software.

2. Mini Tool Data Recovery Software

After having numerous experiences of data recovery software I have concluded that these three are the only data recovery software that provide you the right functionality for your business. Following are some of the features that come along with this data recovery software.

  • Undelete Recovery: The Undelete Recovery module focuses on recovering deleted files and folders.
  • CD/DVD Recovery: Mini tool data recovery software also provides you the option of recovering data from CD/DVD.
  • Digital Media Recovery
  • Damaged Partition Recovery
  • Lost Partition recovery

3. Handy Recovery

The third spot on the list of top3 data recovery software is grabbed by Handy recovery. It is one of the best data recovery software that will fit in your business as if it is specially made for you. Following are some features that come along with handy recovery.

  • All types of FAT, NTFS and HFS file systems
  • Recover files from deleted and formatted partitions
  • Recover files emptied from Recycle Bin
  • In-depth disk scanning for specific file types
  • Browse lost files with search, filtering and preview
  • Option to create disk images for deferred recovery


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