Warning! You’re Losing Money by Not Using These Excellent FREE Mac Hard Drive Recovery Tools

A Mac user never expects to have the need of data recovery software, but disaster can happen with any hard drive. In most instances of data losses, Macs inbuilt utility won’t help out and then you start searching for best Mac hard drive recovery software to meet your data recovery needs. Fortunately, there are various free and paid Mac data recovery tools available that can recover files from a formatted hard drive. Here is the list of top Mac hard drive recovery software that should be tried at initial and final level of file recovery.

Test disk:

Top 4 Best, FREE Mac OS Data Recovery Software Available Online

If you are familiar with command prompt or DOS like interfaces and also needs a free data recovery solution, then TestDisk is going to be your best choice. This free software lets you perform low-level disk repair and file recovery process through command prompt or DOS box, test and fixes the common disk boot issues and also recover files from damaged hard drives. TestDisk is an easy to use program along with logically laid out options that don’t require technical expertise to run. TestDisk is available for Windows also.

Stellar Phoenix Mac data recovery:

Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery is a better choice if you are looking for a reliable and accurate way to resolve your complex data loss issues. This software identifies and reconstructs all the data fragments and shows the positive results.Stellar Phoenix works brilliantly on hard drives, SSDs, external drives including Time Machine & password protected drives.It includes features and recovery capabilities along with excellent search options that make it the most awarded and reliable paid Mac disk recovery application. This software is capable of recovering data from iMac, MacBook Pro, Air, Mac Mini, and Mac Pro. Additionally, it this software can be purchased with a Recovery CD in order to recover files from a non-booting Mac.

Data Rescue 4:

Data Rescue 4 is developed by Prosoft Engineering, which could also be a simple solution for your data recovery needs. This efficient software is compatible with a wide variety of storage drives and file formats and capable of recovering all the traces of data after a catastrophic data failure. It includes a BootWell tool that can be used to repair a non-bootable hard drive on Mac machine. Basically, Data Rescue 4 is designed to for the home users and for those who are not much experienced with Macs professionally. However, this tool might put you into challenge while recovering container files. Overall, Data Rescue 4 is simple yet powerful software that has everything you looking for and is capable of including into the best Mac hard drive recovery software exist.

R-Studio for Mac:

R-Studio for Mac is excellent Mac file recovery software that delivers average, but solid results while performing Mac data recovery. This proficient software is easy enough to restore your lost files back along with multiple other features that let you to find further uses of it. This Mac disk recovery utility is equipped with Intelligent Scan technology to search all the traces data from your Mac hard drive. Along with customization options, it allows you to limit the parameters of your search to specified areas of the drive, or by file size or date. Additionally, it also includes filter option that search your files by format or folder types from the search results.

This software supports connected hard drives or other storage media from networked Linux and other computers, up to Windows 7 that make it a capable candidate to include in top 4 excellent software exist.

All above Mac data recovery software are the professional tools that earned the best reviews among all. As all of them include an exceptional balance of performance and reliability along with the prices; therefore, you could choose any of them as per the requirements. The consumer version of all the software is available with a simple interface that is easy to handle and provide accurate results.

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