Top 5 Best DJ Apps for Android Devices

In the famous words of 19th century American composer and poet Henry Wadsworth, music is the universal language of all mankind. It is more than just a form of art, it is a means of expression. Music is a cultural activity that cuts across race, ethnicity and social status. Music forms an integral part of the human society in general in aspects such as religion, rites of passage and least to mention entertainment amongst others. The 21st century has seen major advances in technology, science and art. Similarly, music hasn’t fallen behind either. Towards the turn of the millennium, the Discman featured as the main highlight in a world where the Internet’s popularity was beginning to skyrocket. Disc Jockeys, affectionately abbreviated or referred to as DJs in popular culture have existed for quite a while.

A DJ is an individual who is known to play sets of prerecorded music most often from multiple sources. A DJ “mixes” music by creating a seamless and continuous playlist by simultaneously playing two or more music tracks in perfect transition. This is done to a live audience such as in a party or on live radio. The “mix” may be recorded for distribution and sale. DJs use an array of specialized equipment and software. The most important pieces of equipment used by DJs are the two turntables, a mixer set and a source of music such as vinyl discs or even more recently USB Flash drives. Most if not all DJs use a laptop computer that acts as both a source of music and also runs special programs designed to help the DJ map the music’s beats and to cue incoming music. This effectively creates a perfectly seamless flow of music that is both entertaining and pleasant to listen to.


Concerning software, 21st century technological advance have made it possible to store massive volumes of music collections in portable devices such as laptops, phones, tablets and other portable media players. The age of smart phones and tablets has further seen the rise of a new age in digital music. The seasoned and time tested art of DJ’ing is now accessible to any interested individual without the limiting costs of hardware purchase and other investment costs. Smart devices today are generally classified as Android, iOS, Windows or Blackberry depending on the operating system. Special programs or applications have been designed to recreate the DJ feeling allowing the user to personally mix his/her own music available on the said devices.

Android devices have access to the Android marketplace or the “Play Store” where one can download and install a variety of applications from a vast selection of app categories. DJ apps are generally classified as entertainment apps. Below are among the best DJ apps for Android devices.


This app boasts power features that include the ability to integrate with other premium music apps and services such as Spotify and Deezer. This means that your playlist isn’t limited to the music only available on your devices storage. Djay 2 has a beautiful user interface that is easy to use. It has a set of two turntable decks modelled from the original DJ equipment manufactured by firms such as Pioneer.

It also has powerful audio enhancing features that are friendly to beginner DJs. This is a premium application of the Android marketplace meaning it is not free. Upon purchase of this application, the user can go ahead and practice those mixing skills. It is also available for Apple IOS devices.


This DJ application is designed to be user friendly to DJ’ing amateurs. It boasts an array of professional tools that include audio enhancing features and a useful mix recording feature. Edjing 5 is designed to extend your playlist to online premium platforms such as Spotify, Soundcloud and Deezer.

On the Android Play Store, this app is free to download. However, some features are only activated upon payment of specified fee. These are otherwise known as In App Purchases or IAP.


This application enables the user to mix music tracks available on the android device’s storage and on premium music service platforms Soundcloud, Deezer or Spotify. It allows the recording of music mixes for later sharing or personal entertainment. This is an IAP feature that is restricted to all other sources of music other than Soundcloud.

Otherwise this application is free to download on Android devices. It features two beautifully designed turntables.


DJ Studio 5 app is among the most popular virtual DJ’ing applications available for both Android and IOS devices. A personal favorite, this app features a set of two turntables accompanied by professional samples and sound effects. It allows the user to record and share music mixes.

It is among the most powerful and versatile DJ apps available anywhere. It allows integration of the local playlist with music sharing services such as Deezer, Soundcloud and Spotify. This application and accompanying features are absolutely free to download.


This DJ app is designed to allow the user to mix music tracks and also create and record music. This application stands out as the only in its class to boast this unique music creation feature. You can sequence and mix music tracks and put your DJ skills to the test with this android application.

FL Studio Mobile comes with a full array of virtual DJ’ing tools and features. Additional plugins are available for download. This application is available for Microsoft Windows, Android and IOS devices. The kicker however, is that it isn’t free and is rather pricy.

In conclusion, there are a lot of DJ software available out there that is compatible with most smart devices and computers. Finding the perfect application for your smart device will go a long way in improving your music experience. You’ll gain a deeper appreciation of this art while having fun at it. All the best in your quest to find the best DJ app for your android device.

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