7 Ways Modern Technology Influenced Video Games Industry

A quick look at modern day video games, and it becomes evident how much impact technology has had on how we experience gaming today. Just about two decades ago, the 16-bit graphics of the Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis were the most popular consoles. While gameplay was still quite entertaining on those systems, it was the graphics that left too much to be desired. Enter 2015, however, and everything has changed; thanks to the technological advancements and availability of modern gaming consoles.

In fact, today’s Game Studios are on the verge of unlocking the true potential of the Internet for the video games by developing the next-gen MMORPG games of the century. So much so that the way we play games  today will be completely evolved, yet again, in just 2 to 3 years from now. With all these innovative technological developments, we’ve never been in a more exciting time for video gaming; and yet we’re nowhere close to finished innovating, as far as gaming is concerned. Here we present top seven modern technologies that have positively influenced the video game industry in 2015.

The Internet

The Internet is one of the most important technologies that has impacted game development and hence should come as no surprise to most of you. In fact, its influence is so strong that there aren’t just video games that require the internet to play, there in fact are entire gaming genres that are being developed with the internet as the standard. MMOs (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games), RTS (Real Time Strategy) and other MMOs (such as First Person Shooter MMOFPS) are major examples of some of the gaming genres that wouldn’t dream to exist without the internet!


While some might argue this as part of the Internet, recent innovations in the area of large file downloading has greatly improved the world of gaming. Thanks to fiber optics, broadband and other faster data transfer technologies, modern day downloading is better than ever. This allows for the ability to download larger files at great download speeds. As a result, gamers can download entire games online.

Downloadable games have also reduced physical gaming products like cartridges, compact discs and gaming DVDs. Not only does this save your storage space and dollars, it also helps the game developers make games without the financial hassles of distributors. This has been one of the major motivations behind the recent success in desktop based slot games.

Cloud-Based Gaming

Ever since it came into existence, the cloud not only has a significant impact on the ways in which folks do business online, but it has also changed the world of gaming forever. Gaming without physical storage media would’ve been unimaginable in the past. But with new cloud technology and services like Sony’s OnLive, it’s now possible to play super-HD games right in your browser. Gone are the days when  stuffing GB (gigabyte) after GB (gigabyte) of data onto a Computer’s HDD or buying expensive console games were the only ways to play high-quality games. Even if you just want to play games online or are looking to tackle the latest FPS without having to buy the game itself, cloud-based gaming easily does it.

Advanced Touch Technology

Few years ago, the very idea that you’d be able to play video games by simply swiping and touching the screen would’ve seemed like wild imagination and stuffs out of a sci-fi movie. But with all the recent advancements in the field, touch technology will no doubt have a major influence on the future of video gaming. Today, touchscreens can be found virtually everywhere, starting from smartphones and tablets to the latest notebook computers and laptops. Game developers are doing everything to take advantage of the touchscreen technology in their games.

Mobile Technology

Empowered with modern touchscreen technology, today’s mobile technology has also made video gaming a lot better. It frees the player from the living room couch by allowing them to play on their smartphones and tablets. When equipped with the internet this allows for a very small, intuitive, portable gaming set-up that is just perfect for playing on-the-go, irrespective of where you are.

Motion Sensors

Motion sensors might be relatively new, but they’ve opened up a great deal of gaming potential. For those who do not like using gaming controllers or keyboards, motion sensors (devices like the Wii or motion capture such as Microsoft Kinect) offer a great new alternative. These make games much more natural by relying on player’s body movements rather than interpretive controls.

3D Technology

This is by far the newest technology that’s still fairly uncommon in the gaming arena, but it is growing and showing great promise. Modern 3D technology has freed users from using conventional 3D glasses. This immediately opens up a lot of interesting potentials for gaming. Just like realistic graphics, a 3D display enhances the player’s level of immersion in the video game and hence adds new depth, complexity and an interesting game play for games built with 3D in mind.


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