Angry Birds – The Movie; Watch The Dramatic Trailer [Video]

There’s no doubt that the multi-platform (including the iPhone/iPad, Android and even PSP and PS3) game Angry Birds is such a huge success. The company is close to seven million downloads of the game, which in itself tells a lot about the game’s popularity. And With the crazy popularity of ‘Angry Birds – The Game‘, we wouldn’t be too perplexed if ‘Angry Birds – The Movie‘ ever happens in real!

In fact, news is circulating in the rumor-mills that the company that developed the game, Rovio, is taking a serious look into more commercial avenues for the title, including movies. The company has already done a great job with the animation within the product, including a cinematic trailer released on YouTube. But is there enough to this to make for a good story?

Angry Birds Cinematic Trailer [Animated]

Taking this another step further, the folks at Rooster Teeth decided to release a preview of the inevitable: an Angry Birds action movie complete with action trailer. This might be a surprisingly elaborate and hilariously funny spoof but just imagine if it becomes a real movie some day!

Angry Birds: The Movie (Trailer)

But do you think something like Angry Birds could translate well enough to other mediums? Is there a potential story in there worth developing? Honestly, who can watch a whole movie featuring er… darting birds into pigs?


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