Best Android & iOS Cross-Platform Games 2014

2014 has been proved to be a year that brought tons of interesting new and improved (updated) apps to both the iOS as well as Android platforms and today in this article, we’ll list out some of the best games of 2014 so far that are available both on Android and iOS. So it doesn’t matter if you are an iPhone or iPad or Android user but if you have been looking for some pretty cool games, then this is your lucky day — we have gathered up the bestest, freshest iPhone/iPad games and best Android games to hit the iTunes and Google Play Store in 2014 so far.

Be it the fresh new free video slots games, or the edge-of-your-seat first person shooter, or the Temple Run style action adventure, strategy, rpg or arcade we have got it all covered! All these game titles are playable on all recent iOS as well as Android devices. So buckle of guys because here we present you the top Free iPhone, iPad and Android Games in the App Stores that rocked 2014. The day is near when the smartphone can beat the PS4 in its own games! These Android and iOS Cross-Platform Multiplayer Games can help you to play more games with your friends even if you’re using an iPhone and they’re on Android.

Hercules: The Official Game

In a smart move to benefit from all the hype of the theatrical release of the movie Hercules, Glu Games Inc. has released the official game titled Hercules. The game is basically based on all of the popular Hercules, greatest hero of Greece, story lines to deliver a hack-and-slash dueling game with various hero characters to select from, and various battle, magic and ranged attacks to go to war with. You can train with AI-based combat and then bring your skills online against friends and strangers with the Fighting Pit.

This game is totally free but expect to be asked to spend some in-app purchases down the line, as it is with most other similar free games. If you’re fine with this then, it may be worth trying especially if you’re into Greek history or simply if you are a big fan of Dwayne Johnson, aka “The Rock”!

Top Features of This Game:

– Unravel ultimate combos, special attack techniques and finishing moves
– Participate in a unique tag-battle system
– Train and master weapons from a legendary arsenal
– Seize the fighting pit
– Experience top-class AAA graphics

Deer Hunter 2014

This is another game by the same Glu Games Inc. that has been a huge hit among fans in 2014. Hunting never felt so exciting as in Deer Hunter 2014, the latest version of the popular hunting game that has evolved now to include even exotic endangered animals. In this epic hunting game now you can travel from North America’s Pacific Northwest to the Savannah of Central Africa in an epic journey to hunt the world’s most exotic animals!

Yes you heard it right! Though the name says “Deer Hunting”, now the game let’s you almost any animal. However, it’s a pretty neat shooting game where you aim and you shoot. Each mission has a target: Kill __ number of __ animal, preferably via a lung or heart shot. Succeeding at these automatically unlocks the next mission and gets you plenty of Hunter Bucks that you can utilize for weapon purchases, upgrades and customizations.

Top Features of This Game:

– Explore a mesmerizing living world
– Enjoy maximum firepower
– Collect hunting trophies

Boom Beach

It’s easy to tell that Boom Beach from Supercell burrows many of the basic ingredients from its mega-hit predecessors Clash of Clans and Hay Day. The idea here is pretty simple — storm the beach and win the day! Boom Beach is a combat strategy game where you fight an epic war against the evil Blackguard. The game has beautiful paradise islands invaded by the enemy. Fight for every beachhead, free the enslaved people of the island and explore the uncharted territory.

It’s war of enormous proportions, as you fight to liberate the enslaved residents of one island after another from the evil Blackguards and rival players.

Top Features of This Game:

– Explore the huge tropical islands full of danger as well as treasure
– Play with hundreds of other online players, attack their evil bases and liberate islanders
– Raid plenty of interesting and dangerous island bases ruled by the evil Blackguards
– Fight with fearsome Boss Enemies and spoil their evil plans
– Explore the mystic yet magical power of ancient statues and Life Crystals

Trial Xtreme 3

Trial Xtreme 3 from Deemedya is a great example of a game that is truly free-t-play. All the game content is available without the need of paying for anything unless you absolutely want to. Moreover, this game is fun, entertaining and full of options. Easily customize your bike and rider to match your liking and you hit the course and win the race by taking advantage of the brilliant new social media and offline multiplayer options, that lets you to challenge friends or random players even when they are offline.

Top Features of This Game:

– Latest and advanced physics engine which adds immense depth to the gameplay
– 32 free-to-play levels out of a total of 137 levels spanning across 7 worlds and tons of new obstacles
– Play alone or contest against your friends from Facebook or any other random players
– Unique high score table for each level
– Customize your bike and rider
– Option to play with your phone’s accelerometer OR buttons

These are some of the best game releases in 2014 that are available both on iOS and Android. Have you played any of these? Did you find any great releases that we might have missed? Jump in via comments.

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