Dark Reject! Free online Role playing Game (Review)

We have been playing games like Age of Empires from Microsoft corp. since decades. The game makes the user learn a lot of things like, earning money, social behavior, management skill set, having patience, art of approaching an issue and last but not the least it also pumps our adrenaline flow. The web has been increasing its webbings day by day. And, with the increase in the number of internet surfers, online games have started playing a vital role in the gaming world. Here, in this post I am going to focus on an online game called Dark Rejects. As the name suggests it is a free online Role playing Game filled with tons of Dark Fun!

Apart from blogging, I am a game maniac. With a hectic schedule of mine, I don’t find much time in installing a game on my PC. Rather, I search online games to fulfill my desire. Sometimes due to my luck I get really good ones. Last night, after finishing my daily job I was looking for some online game on the net. I got a link from a forum discussion page and I entered the site without much expectation from it.

Dark Reject! Free online Role playing Game (Review)

Thankfully, I had to fill hardly 4-5 lines for the registration process. As I told you, I don’t get time to do a lot of things before playing a game; and I loved this registration process as it was short and crispy. It never required any confirmation email. The email address and password entered by me in the registration page were able to be used as logon credentials instantly. Wow! 🙂

The game page was really neat and well managed. There is a top bar which indicates the Account Type, Location. With a space left in between, there was the tags; Gold, Bank, Stamina. With a starting amount of 2500 Gold and 1060 Stamina I started the game. The game has also some levels which go on increasing along with the increase in experience and job done. You can see the ratings like Attack, Defense, Evasion, Speed and Crime Status. There is a Navigation tab on the left side of the page which has the game play part in it. This has some important tabs like, My Information, User Links, Clan Links, General Links and Statistics Links. My Information tab shows the useful info about the user account. User links includes some channels like, Game Chat and Game Forum. This column helps in interacting with other game players.

There are a lot of clans in the game play. The user can join any clan of his/her choice. The user should be accepted as a member to minimum one clan so that it enables the user to see some of the clan tab. General links; they are what they’re named as. Miscellaneous links have been put under them; starting from City Centre to Suggestion Booth. City centre link expands the city to mainly 4 areas; The Plaza, Education District, The Square, Outskirts. Various parts of the city can be explored and various selling/buying can be done from this channel. The beast part is – you’ll be not restricted to the city access only. You can also leave the city and roam outside. 😉

Finally, there is tab on the bottom left; Players Online. The player’s personal information can be obtained by clicking on their name. There are a lot of options under City Centre which can be explored and several things can be done; training, bodyguard etc.

As a final thought, I must admit that I found this game quite interesting with a lot of strategic challenges, interaction with other players (just like the multiplayer), fast loading of data, less requirement of resource etc. If you are a game junkie, I’m sure that you’re gonna find this game worth your playing time. Happy playing 🙂


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