The Definitive Guide to Buying PC Games

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Where Should You Get (Purchase) Your PC Games and How?

Where Should You Get Purchase Your PC Games and How

Let’s get it out there right now: the PC is the king of gaming and the very best device to play anything on. [Before you object and start the age old PC Gaming Vs. Console Gaming argument, we suggest you read about the Real Secret Why PC Games are Better than Consoles]. Now that we got that basic truth out of the way, let’s move on to the games, more specifically, how you should get them. There are quite a few varieties now that digital media has become a feasible model, so you need to find a method and try to stick to it. Otherwise your game collection will be scattered across the internet, and you’ll need to invent a new game titled “Where Did Everything Go?: The Search for Lost Media.” Let’s break down each of the major options for you:

Your Local Game Store (or Local Game Store Corporate Conglomerate)

Do you remember disks that contained the games you played on them? I can barely remember myself. I like to think of them as quaint relics of a forgotten time where I didn’t receive instant gratification when I decided I wanted a game. Well they still exist, and your local game stores still carry some physical copies of games for your computer. Sometimes they’ll even have more than ten on their one rack of PC games.

That point is that game stores have effectively given up trying to sell PC games. Sometimes you can buy online codes there, but you often have to sign up for a store account with DRM, which there is absolutely no point to when compared to other options. The stores don’t even sell peripherals anymore, and you aren’t going to find any deals that are worth it. Go online instead.

Local Game Store Corporate Conglomerate

TIPS! Don’t buy PC games here. You’ll be as disappointed as when Arkham Knight came out on Steam!

DRM-Free Websites

So now you’re online, and you’re looking at websites that sell games. There are a number of websites out there, but which ones are the best? Ideally, you want websites where you don’t have to worry about the DRM protections, which effectively make it so that you are renting the game long-term. and seem to be by far the most popular and well-regarded options when it comes to DRM-free games. Many of these games are classic games from defunct publishers or indie games that have a philosophy opposed to overbearing protections, but there are also some new games that are extremely fun and worth checking out. The websites are increasing in their ease of use and often have sales and giveaways that can compete with Steam, the reigning emperor.

DRM-Free Websites Legend of Grimrock 2

TIPS! Legend of Grimrock 2, one of the best DRM-free games available.


A lot of PC gamers have what could be considered a love-hate relationship with Steam. On the one hand, Steam has been getting a lot better as of late and their sales are rarely matched in terms of what you can get. Others think that it is a clunky platform that is too restrictive, not allowing gamers to do what they want with their games. Add this to the fact that the DRM protections on Steam require that you are not logged into more than one computer at a time, and it can become problematic for those who game occasionally from a laptop as well as their desktop.


Whether you want to make steam your primary game resource depends on what sort of game selection do you want (Steam has the best by a large margin), what kind of community options do you want (because digital trading cards are important to some people), and whether you are okay with all of your eggs being in one account basket. There is no right call here, but unfortunately to play some games, you’ll have no choice but to use it.

Other Considerations and Methods

It should also be noted that some distributors or game companies are the only way to get certain games. If you want to play The Sims 4, you are going to have to get through the mess that is an EA account. There’s no way around it, so unfortunately, there isn’t too much to comment on.

You will also probably want to consider getting a VPN if you are going to be basing most of your games off of online accounts. An unskilled hacker on a public network can potentially steal your account (and your games along with them) by intercepting your password and username on a public network.

What a VPN will do is protect your computer by connecting it to an offsite secure server via an encrypted connection. Privacy-conscious gamers can bask in the fact that their IP address will be hidden by the offsite server. The security afforded by the VPN will allow you to game and shop in peace wherever you are. Of course, some VPNs are better than others for gaming when things such as connection speed are taken into consideration, so try reading some reviews of VPNs that are great for gaming.

Finally, you might want to consider giving in and getting a few gaming peripherals for your PC. A lot of console ports do not work so well with your mouse and keyboard, and some gaming mice and keyboards feel like silk to use compared with the standard cheap options on the market.

Thanks for reading, and may you find the right option to play your PC games.

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