Demolition Dash For iPhone and iPad; Destroy Cities ‘Round The World’

A couple of weeks back we were invited to beta test Demolition Dash, an iPhone and iPad game that has every potential to make you a fan of this fabulous run and jump game. And today we are pleased to announce that Demolition Dash game, which is one of the most addictive and fun-filled game for anyone who loves taking world tour and a little rampage as well, is hitting the App store today (May 26th 2011)!

If you ever come across a 15-foot tall and pink giant monster on a rampage, jumping and roaming around your city, causing millions of dollars in damage, and seeing the local law enforcement completely powerless in its path of destruction, the last thing you would want to believe is that the monster is just having some fun. But that’s exactly what Zilla is doing in dreamfab’s latest game, Demolition Dash.

The main protagonist of this run ‘n’ jump iOS (iPhone and iPads) game is Zilla, a neat monster whose only desire in life is to properly smash up the world and destroy cities round the globe.

While playing Demolition Dash game by DreamFab, you play as Zilla who has decided to travel around the world to run trough the its most iconic cities, such as Paris, Moscow, and Tokyo etc. You got to use Zilla’s wild roar and different movements to kill enemies and collect points.

You move up in the game levels as you keep destroying different cities and thus keep collecting more and more points. But obviously, the enemies and other hurdles in the city increase with increase in level of the game. But the levels are designed in such a way that they will ensure that you will be at the edge of your seat while playing Demolition Dash.


In Demolition Dash, you get to choose between 2 game modes — World Rampage mode and Endless mode. In World Rampage mode, the player can go on a destructive mission to search and demolish enemy gangs in various cities. There are 8 major metros in the game with a total of 24 levels in the campaign.

When playing as Zilla, you can run and jump over the enemies to destroy them. The key here is the right combination of speed and jump if you intend to collect as much points as possible. But you have to be careful while jumping though – if the player performs an unsuccessful jump and falls into the pit, then Zilla loses it life. Also everytime an enemy is not roared out of the way, Zilla loses a part of the tail.

In the Endless mode, the player will keep playing as long the Zilla is alive. The idea is to survive as long as possible as the hardness increases pretty quickly. So imagine this mode as an quick-fire round where you need to survive and at the same time try and gather as many points as you can.

Zilla can collect different artifacts to power itself. For instance, the chilli peppers increase the Zilla’s roar radius, by collecting wings Zilla can transform a cuddly little monster to Super Zilla. Red Starts will activate the invincibility mode and turn the Zilla to GodZilla for a short period. There are more such items that can boost Zilla’s powers but we don’t want to spoil your gaming experience by disclosing them all here.

Demolition Dash Game Trailer

iTunes Download Pages: The Normal version for iPhone and iPod can be found here and the HD version for iPad and iPad2 can be downloaded here.

The price for which these awesome games come is pretty reasonable as well – grab this game on your iPhone now at the introductory price of  just 99 cents! So get ready to take a world tour with Demolition Dash game when the top 8 metros of world become the playground of Zilla’s rampage.


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