Gran Turismo 5 Prologue! Unbelievable Racing Simulation

It’s going to be a decade since Polyphony Digital launched the first version of Gran Turismo. Since then, the game has developed a lot from its budding stage. First part of this series was just a beginning while second helped it gaining the fame. Third and Fourth part pushed the game really high. And in today’s world Gran Turismo is a brand name, a bench marker in the world of racing simulators. Gran Turismo has announced their official release of Gran Turismo 5 Prologue in PlayStation 3. Since the full game is more than a year away, Prologue is also called as a Demo version. In my opinion, with 70 cars, 30 events to be unlocked, and roughly a half dozen tracks (with some twists too) it’s unfair to call it a Demo, though.

The game starts with a credit of 35000$, less for a beast. But basic cars like Mini Cooper-S ’06, Citroen C4 Coupe ’05, Ford Focus ST ’06, Honda Integra Type R ’04, Mazda RX-8 Type S ’07 (Yeah You heard it right 🙂 The Mazda RX-8 Type S `07) come in this price. A beast is affordable after you finish some races but, I advise you to finish 10-race series to own an exclusive bonus ride.

Gran Turismo 5 Prologue

Unlike the previous versions of the game, it lacks License Test Rounds. You can directly enter into the C Class Racing, finishing which makes you eligible to enter into B Class. Then you can progress to A Class and S Class in the same manner. Each Class is packed with 10 events starting from standard to time trial and any mode can be played at any time. There are cars like Ferrari F2007 which comes for a credit of 2 million dollars (big amount, isn’t it?). The maximum you can earn out of a race is 30k. And comparing the price of F2007 and the credit you’re going to get for a race (not even 30K, remember? I told it’s the maximum), you should really keep your hands on the steering wheel for a while.

The response of AI and the sound system of the game are really tremendous. Each car behaves differently. Once you accelerate, the engine roars just like the original cars. The roaring faints in the process of deceleration. The cars and the AI behave just like their real world counterparts making the experience a unique one. Polyphony has come a long way since Gran Turismo 4. GT4 was awesome but, can’t stand anywhere near the GT5 Prologue. Prologue makes you feel the cars. In any other racing simulator, upgrading to a new car gives you the feeling of higher speed, better acceleration, tighter cornering, but GT5 is different. You can feel the variation of weight, change in center of gravity etc. I know, it’s really tough to explain about the feeling. But, once you are into the cockpit of F430 you’ll understand what I’m talking about 😉

Likewise, in the racing the AI is really interesting. It’s more challenging when played with online racers tough. The AI is pretty defensive to play with and it’s easy to nudge your AI competitor out of the track, which can be very much satisfying at times. 😛 Sometimes, the AI drivers drag you off the track too but, it’s not because of competition. It’s probably the fault in the game, which makes the AI drivers think about your nonexistence :O  This trouble of AI is there in GT since its birth. Interestingly, according to Polyphony the issues are almost resolved in this issue of GT.

Finally, GT5 Prologue will make you crazy just like the earlier versions. There are improvements and modifications which can’t be overlooked. With a much more advanced AI, sophisticated cars, cleverly designed visuals and sound systems, the game puts the user in a real life racing scenario. So friends, it’s just the beginning of the Racing mania. Wait for the Gran Turismo 5 in the next year.


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