‘Half-Life 2’ Comes To Steam for Mac

First it was Gameloft who brought Iron Man 2 Game for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch and now Valve Software has just brought their revolutionary first-person shooter game Half-Life 2 to Steam for Mac… It may be nearly six years late, but we repeat “Half-Life 2” has finally arrived on Mac systems and is available on Steam. Folks who purchased the excellent FPS on Steam in years past will be happy to know that the Mac version was retroactively included in that purchase, so it’s free for them to download.

The original Half-Life is one of those games that has been a blight on the Mac gaming landscape since 1997. According to Valve, “Game ownership is no longer dictated by platform.” Seeing as how it seems the Mac is one of the last viable platforms for Half-Life 2 to land on, I suppose maybe they’re right.

'Half-Life 2' Comes To Steam for Mac

So the day that many Mac gamers expected never to see has come at last – Valve has released Half-Life 2, the legendary action game, for the Macintosh. It’s available through Valve’s Steam online download service, which was released for the Mac earlier this month.

It’s an enormous step for Valve, and an epic win for Mac users. Steam is the most successful PC-based games-on-demand service, and it’s estimated more than 70 percent of all legal game downloads take place via Steam.

With Valve’s new systems in place, you’ll be able to download games such as Half Life 2 on your PC at home. Then, when you hit the road, you’ll be able to continue playing on your MacBook from right where you left off — your saved games can be stored in the cloud using Steam Cloud.

Half-Life 2 is available this week for $6.99, a 30 percent discount off its regular price. Valve has also released Half-Life Episode One and Episode Two for the Mac, and is selling at a discount The Orange Box, a compilation that combines Half-Life 2, Episode One, Episode Two, Portal, and the forthcoming Mac release of Team Fortress 2, a multiplayer online action game.


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