Plants Vs Zombies Hits The PlayStation 3

The PlayStation 3 version of Plants Vs. Zombies finally hits PlayStation Network, allowing PS3 owners to shoot peas at shambling zombies with traffic cones on their heads.

If you were about to log into the PlayStation Network thinking to yourself ‘finally, somewhere I can go and play videogames without having that interactive crack, Plants vs. Zombies, looming over me’ then, unfortunately for you, things are about to change. PopCap has confirmed that it is launching the massive-selling and award winning Plants vs.Zombies on the PSN.

Those of you under a rock for the last two years, Plants Vs. Zombies is a tower defense game in which the player must fight off a horde of zombies by planting various flora that smash, eat and generally make the zombies’ unlife unpleasant. The strategy is in choosing which plants to take to battle to defeat which types of zombie, and how best to position them. It’s also all about quick reflex actions and speedy decision-making.

For $14.99 you get the full original 50-level campaign, plus bonus Puzzle, Mini-Game and Survival modes, multiplayer co-op or versus modes, and 12 Trophies to unlock. Players can also track and share progress online, where they can create and accessorize their own custom house and visit other friend’s houses.

Plants Vs Zombies On The PlayStation 3 [Video]

Wondering How to Play Plants Vs. Zombies Multitouch Game on the iPad with 11 Fingers? Watch Video.

Also arriving on the US PSN today are the brilliant-looking Explodemon and Tales From Space: About a Blob, which has you taking control of a murderous blob and causing havoc in 2D platforming puzzle levels as you consume the world.

The only thing to ask yourself now is “am I going to buy the fourth version of this game?” Well, if you haven’t kicked the Plants vs. Zombies habit by now, you probably never will. So start logging in to the PlayStation Network and killing those zombies. Again.


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