How to Find and Buy a Sony PS4 In-Stock This Chirstmas Holidays

The imminent launch date of the PS4 has set the tech world alight with news and gossip about the exciting console and it is no longer a secret that there is a huge desire out there for new consoles, and that people want to buy a PlayStation 4 during this festive season. Not since Prince George has a world laid await in eager anticipation to see what joys the new arrival will bring and due to this demand, keen gamers will be worried that the delivery date of their sacred console may be pushed back. But amidst all these stock unavailability and sold out concerns, Sony has reassured gamers that their next-gen consoles are on the way, with all existing PS4 pre-orders confirmed for a pre-Christmas delivery.

Already, the PS4 team has had to reduce concerns about delivery time after more than 1 million consoles were pre-ordered. Sony Computer Entertainment’s Vice President and Managing Director for the UK, Fergal Gara, when speaking to magazine Edge, said that those who have pre-ordered a PS4 are “almost certain to get it before Christmas.

It is highly unlikely that PS4 fans will be able to walk into a high street gaming store and pick up a console for quite a few months though so getting a console for Christmas is becoming more and more difficult.

Gara explained, “Get your name on the preorder list of partner retailers because that puts you first in line for any delays and any follow up volume.” This has led to an incredibly high level of pre-orders to ensure that gamers receive the console before Christmas. High street and online retailer GAME, is still offering a glimmer of hope for anxious PS4 fans. They are guaranteeing delivery before Christmas with a £20 deposit on its console and bundle packages.

The PS4 has been grabbing all the headlines away from the Xbox One as it looks to use feedback from fans and further development to make it the most personal one yet. A more intrinsic PlayStation Store and a promise for extra upgrades will ensure that the console will learn from the individual gamer. The Dualshock Controller also receives a much needed face lift to rival the award winning Xbox default controller.

Enhanced graphics and social features also play an important part as the PS4 looks to represent the future of gaming. The PlayStation Vita will offer the chance for gamers to use Remote Play; providing a whole new level of gaming experience for the avid fan.

Plus with exclusive games to be released alongside the new console such as DriveClub, Knack, The Division and The Crew there is more reasons than ever to pre-order now for a Christmas delivery with GAME.

All prices true at time of writing and Sony has revealed that it expected the PS4 console to be “in good supply” over the holiday period despite reports of stock shortages.


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