Top 3 Marvel Games that The Avengers Would Love to Play

With the recent surge in the Marvel movies, one can see marvel super heroes everywhere nowadays. It’s not just in movies, but also there have been plenty of games that revolve around our favorite Marvel superheros. Over the years Marvel has made it a habit to treat us with some really memorable gaming experiences of our life, letting us delve into the arena of many of this planet’s mightiest superheros. If you’re also a fan of marvel universe just like I’m, you are going to love this list of top 5 best rated Marvel games to play this year.

Iron Man Games (PC, Mac, Android, iOS)


It would be a disgrace to one of the greatest Avengers superheros of all time, the Iron Man, to start a Marvel games list without mentioning “the man” himself. I mean, can you find a Marvel fan who doesn’t love Iron Man? And when it comes to games involving Iron Man, Mansion88 probably has the largest collection of Iron Man gamesIron Man 2, Iron Man 3, Iron Man with Marvel Jackpot being some of them. Go check them out and you’d not be disappointed if you are a true Iron Man fan. They also have a nice “Try Now” feature for those who are new to their games.

Marvel Heroes 2016 (PC)


First launched back in the year 2013 but re-launched after a massive redeveloped game play engine, Marvel Heroes 2016 is an MMOARPG that has many interesting levels where you can level up characters, unlock new skins as you play more and keep fighting until your Marvel superheroes are ready to take on Doctor Doom once again. In essence, this game can be compared to Diablo III but instead of barbarians or wizards looking for loot, it’s your friendly Spiderman and not-so-friendly Daredevil hunting together in search of better gear. You can even play as the Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, X-Men and more. Lastly, you can battle many infamous super villains likes Dr. Doom, the Loki, Magneto etc in a bid to save the universe.

Spider-Man Games (PC, Mac, Android, iOS)


We understand if you are not as big as fan of Marvel superheroes like the Iron Man, Captain America, The Hulk or Thor but a fan of Spiderman instead. In that case, you may want to head over to MarvelKids and check their Spider-Man Games. They have plenty to select from and you can find most of the fan favorites like Venom’s Vengeance, Green Goblin Havoc, Laboratory Lockdown, Iron Spider, Monsters Under Midtown in their collection.

So there you have it, our top 3 Marvel games to play, to get you set for the epic Marvel battle that awaits you. With such an wide range of games mix, there really is no excuse not to unleash your Marvel Superhero fan from within and go and save the planet!


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