Top 5 Sites to Play Board and Card Games Online

I know many folks who although are not huge fans of online gaming, they still do relish playing board games and card games. It happens to all of of us. Our gaming buddies get sick, our spouse is at work or asleep, then it hits us at ten p.m. on a weekday night that we could have played a game. In situations like these, it’s tough to beat the flexibility and convenience of playing these same games from your computer but there are some pretty good online versions of such games that provide a good enough experience.

Playing board games and card games like poker online will be be plenty of fun, regardless of what kind of of games you prefer playing best. Here are the top 5 of my favorite places to play board games and card games on-line.


There is a reason why I mentioned Pogo at #1 spot; it certainly deserves to get high scores for offering variety and family appeal – all under the same roof. When it comes to the amount of available online games and variety, Pogo’s catalog is Brobdingnagian, with the potential to publish uncountable hard-core gamer’s top favorites. The sole drawback is that they expect their visitors to register and then bombard them with lots of ads and continuous nagging for paid memberships.


Obviously a German hosted web site, there are lots of English-speaking players to be found, however. But being German is nice because Deutschland is a hotbed of progressive game design. On this site, you’ll find plenty of titles to choose from – some very tough to find, such as Carcassonne (every variation, that you can think of), Can’t Stop, Settlers of Catan, Puerto Rico, San Juan, and 7 Wonders.

This site needs you to register and there’s a downloadable game client, so may appear as way too many hurdles for the casual gamer, but for those who know what they want … this is the place for all your online gaming needs.


The fact that makes distinctive is that you can only take one turn at a time — thus you and your opponents do not have to be simultaneously online. Battleboats, Backgammon, Chess, Checkers, Go, Reversi and Sabotage (a Stratego-like game with some nice twists) are among the available games.

4 and

These are completely different sites with large catalogs (some commonalities, but not too much), but nearly with equivalent presentation and features. Each require registration and provide game developers a place to test and refine their stuff. That doesn’t mean these games are of poor quality – quite the contrary.

But it is important to remember that at some stage you’ll have to pay something for the fun to continue. Generally meaning, levels that are boring without the goodies unless you pay for or difficulties that begin appearing far too soon without VIP membership. And there’s not that many board game translations.


This is place that offers no games! This web site rather provides a gaming engine to host and then play the games you already own. I didn’t get so much into it, thus I’d love somebody to send me some feedback about their experience. Still, it’s an excellent idea I’d say.


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