Uncharted 2: Among Thieves (Review)

The modern day Indiana Jones is back. It’s the time to get into the adventure zone again with our old buddy Nathan, Nathan Drake. The sequel to one of the best Treasure Hunting games Uncharted is ready. Uncharted 2: Among thieves from Naughty Dog is filled with stunning visuals, great puzzles, well written and handled plot, high-octane gunplay like never before and the list goes on. The most awaited game carries forward the formula of its predecessor and yet is packed with some new features for its users; Multiplayer 🙂 Nathan is set for the hunting of a lost artifact, traveling the globe and yeah, he has to avoid getting shot. This efforts of Nathan would save the humanity and to impress a lady (Although it’s kinda selfish, everybody loves being loved by an Angel ;))

Uncharted 2 Among Thieves (Review)

The story is all about Nathan and a few fellow thieves working hard on finding Marco Polo’s lost treasure fleet. The scenario is not as simple as written and the adventure is as big as covering almost half-way around the world. The game changes its plot to different islands instead of staying in a particular place. The pace is faster and better than the first part of the game as the shooting, solving puzzles, climbing on the trees are to be done in a well designed and coordinated surrounding. The game gets more interesting due to its character development. The way everybody interacts with each other is just awesome (with more than two lines of dialogue :)). The thrill in the story is really nice which keeps the user involved till the very end of the game.

Combat is really better in this series of the game. The levels are different. The user can choose different levels as the combat type. The user can opt for a higher level; a tree, or a lower one; on crouch. Stealth mode is nicely implemented. The user can eliminate the enemy sector without creating much of a scene; A real life saver 😉  The game plot is nicely put and edited so that the game keeps its attracting nature throughout. The game is nice till the half time! After that, the game gets yet better. The various activities in this version of the game is a lot better than its 1st counterpart. The only complaint I would like to put in front of Naughty Dog team is, there is not much to explore in this game. The options for the path are limited. For example, for getting into a place there is a single door. So, user has no options to get lost. He has to go that way. The scenario is like well, I don’t know where this’ll take me, but it’s the only thing I can do”. AI is good like the first version without much improvement. The opponent AI is really cool. About the AI on user’s side; it’s phenomenal. You’ll never be left alone. There will be always somebody with you. And, unlike other AI support based games, the friendly AI never gets in the way of the USER. Cool huh? 🙂 AI is really cool in all parts of the game. At the time of climbing, The AI either climbs fast/first leaving you to climb after it or it waits for you to climb after which it climbs. While shooting, it takes its own cover.

One more interesting part of the game is puzzles. Naughty Dog has done it again. The puzzles are less than the previous version. Instead of putting small puzzles throughout the game play, the development team came up with some multi-staged yet complicated puzzles for its users. This time Nathan doesn’t bring a Sir Francis Drake Journal, Instead he has his own (Intelligent dude huh! ;)). Some of the puzzles are complicated and need more than a couple of pages to be solved. But, once you solve them, you’ll feel better than Mr. Sherlock Holmes. 🙂

The visuals are really marvelous. There are jaw dropping scenes. The detailed surrounding, amount of random stuff, the lightening scenes, art direction, killer explosions and amazing animations makes the user feel like Nathan himself.

Taking the fact about the Multiplayer section of the game, it’s a bonus. This is not only a multiplayer. This is the best kind of multiplayer games available in today’s market. The options available in here are really mind blowing. There are varieties like deathmatch, elimination, capture the flag/treasure, zone control, survival mode and so on. A survival mode is the one where you join with a bunch of your friends and hit the enemies block one after the other. Use the headset, communicate with your friends and kill the enemies all around. It’ll be really exciting for any gamer with an extra affection for a sudden rush of adrenalin!

It’s not the perfect game but, it’s close to the perfect tag. Don’t you waste your time reading more reviews while you could get the game on your PS3. Moreover, you are almost going to get a game free with this (the multiplayer :)). The all time best visuals, representation makes the game numero uno in its category. How did you find this game?

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