Why PC Games are More Popular than Consoles

PC gaming vs console gaming: it’s a debate that’s raged for decades. The next generation of game consoles will be expensive, restrictive and only somewhat focused on gaming. Among all the gaming platforms, console definitely deserves a mention because it posed a great threat to the survival of the PC games. In fact, Sony and Microsoft will be shelling out the next console war for years to come, but there’s one gaming platform that still rulesPC gaming. But ever wondered why in middle of lot of outstanding console games how the PC games have not only survived but actually excelled over past 5 year or so?

More Games Means More Diversity

One of the reasons that PC gaming has risen so much in popularity over the last four or five years is its ability to appeal to all kinds of ages and demographics. While consoles have a reasonable reach (and are actually getting better in this area) they still cannot hold a candle to the PC. The PC model really does allow for any and every kind of game to be made and released. Unlike consoles, the PC gaming industry isn’t driven so much by constantly needing strong sales of key popular games. Of course, that’s still an element of it, but it is not nearly as crucial to the success of PCs as it is to consoles. If a console company puts out a number of high profile, expensive games that flop, that gaming console could see itself in trouble. With PC there are so many reasons to own one that there is far less pressure on just the games to deliver. This leads to more creativity and freedom to try things out – without the pressure of needing to hit incredibly high sales levels each and every time.

With the pressure off and expectations not so unrealistically high, PC games developers have the opportunity to work on such a diverse range of games that there really is a game out there for everyone.

Pick your Poison

One of the real successes of modern PC gaming is the huge popularity of the many strategy games available on the PC. It is not a new concept, as there have been strategic war games on computers forever, but the latest versions are more in depth and challenging than ever. This style of game, where the focus is not on flashy graphics, well-known music or celebrity voice-over work, is far more appealing to the adult market. Without the PC games industry this type of game would be a real hard sell to console companies, as trying to sell a not very action-heavy game that relies on patience and strategy to kids for Christmas is never going to happen.

Thankfully with a thriving adult gamer community using their PCs this is never a problem. The popularity of PC gaming means that the adult games market has become just as important as those aimed at younger gamers.

Movie Style Plots in Games

This move towards a more sophisticated and adult approach to gaming has seen more and more emphasis on the plots of games. While kids will happily play anything that’s fun, (regardless of the very basic or even non-existent plot) adult fans are being catered for more and more with smart, intricate plots that seem more at home in a movie than in a game. Some of the best modern Sci-Fi stories are seemingly being told through video games rather than movies, with game franchises like Halo, Mass Effect and Half-life selling in the multi-millions worldwide and getting rave reviews.

Make any Game You Want

Of course one of the best things about PC gaming is that there are talented people putting out new games for free and modding old ones to make them more fun all the time. With such an active, talented, diverse fan-base out there creating new fun it is no wonder PC gaming is on the rise even in the era of Kinects.


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