‘Wikileaks – The Video Game’ is a Hit; Stars Assange and Obama

A new video game called “Wikileaks: The Game allows gamers and those who can’t get enough of the Wikileaks saga to play their own fictional role in the drama. In the online roleplaying game, players assume the role of WikiLeaks founder and outsized personality Julian Assange hiding behind President Obama’s desk in the Oval Office.

'Wikileaks - The Video Game' is a Hit; Stars Assange and Obama

Imagine embattled Wikileaks founder Julian Assange in the Oval Office, sticking a USB drive into President Obama’s computer as he dozes. To win the game, the player, acting as Assange, must move fast enough to download the classified files while the president falls in and out of sleep. Those who fail are treated to a juicy presidential sound bite and a mock story planted in the newspaper.

Downloading classified files off the presiden’ts actual computer would land you in jail. But in the gaming world, it makes you a winner. More than a million people have visited the website for “WikiLeaks: The Game” since it was posted five days ago, developer Sebastiaan Moeys, 21, reported. “After all the serious news, it crossed my mind that people would be ready or enjoy something lighthearted about the subject,” Sebastiaan Moeys, who created the game, remarked.

A glance at Facebook and Twitter shows thousands linking to the game. “The reaction overall has been positive. People think it’s fun to play, it’s a good laugh, a few minutes of fun,” Moeys said.

Just like governmental attempts to quash WikiLeaks, the game is harder than it looks,” wrote Alexia Tsotsis on the tech-news blog TechCrunch. “I’ve played it five times and I still haven’t won.”

Game developers have been quick in recent years to capitalize on the popularity of prominent news events and the success of WikiLeaks game is the proof that it works. And with the way the Wikileaks drama continues to unfold, a sequel to the game might be right around the corner.


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