Why You Should Wrap Your Xbox or PlayStation with Protective Vinyl Cover

Let’s face it — owning an Xbox or PlayStation isn’t cheap. Right off the bat, you’re spending north of $400, and that’s just to get one console. Then each game can cost as much as $80 – before tax! By the time you’ve amassed a pretty sweet collection, you’ve already dumped a lot of cash into your hobby. As an investment, you’re smart to check off for Sony and Microsoft’s warranties. In case anything happens to their internal mechanisms, these guarantees will help you replace the system at no extra cost. But these warranties don’t have your back when the damages are deemed accidental.

Protective Skins and Cases For Your Gaming Consoles

Why You Should Wrap Your Xbox or PlayStation with Protective Vinyl Cover

A spilled drink that seeps into important hubs and fans won’t get covered, nor will any surface scratches, scuffs, or gouges that take a bite out of your gaming console. Neither Sony nor Microsoft will foot the bill. For these external damages threatening your investment, you need a genuine 3M vinyl skin (or decal) protecting your gaming system.

Whether you’re looking for an Xbox One skin or a PS4 skin, they’ll do the same thing. The precision cut vinyl creates a tight barrier between the machine and the outside world, protecting it from the harsh realities of game play. The vinyl absorbs the shock of sharp objects and coarse surfaces, keeping your Xbox or PlayStation safe from scratches, scuffs, and dents caused by rough handling. A skin’s naturally water resistant, so any spilled drinks will instantly bead up against its surface. It even prevents grime from building up in the toggles and buttons of the controllers.

Unlike official warranties for Xbox or PlayStation, a vinyl skin doesn’t come with a huge price tag. In fact, you can find a full skin for either system for less than $50, making it an affordable addition to your console.

Protection isn’t the only thing $50 can get you; when you check out Xbox and PlayStation skins, wraps and decals from dbrand you can customize the look of your vinyl skin to fit your home décor, personality, or favorite character. Just spend a little time with their build-a-skin feature, and you’ll see how many options are available to you. You can mix and match textures like carbon fiber, matte, leather, wood, and metallic with true colors like blue, red, magenta, yellow, and green.

With a few quick clicks of your mouse, you can create a totally unique skin that looks great on your Xbox or PS4. Whichever combo you choose, know this; your skin will protect your gaming system from small accidents that your warranties won’t. So go online to see the choices at your fingertips, and get a skin that will protect your investment.


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