Write for TechChunks and Earn More than Just Money (Guest Blogging)

If you are wondering if TechChunks.com accepts guest posts, the answer is a big YES! We are always looking for experienced writers who can write good, original and quality posts on TechChunks.com. Please contact us if you would like us to consider you. And make sure you give us details of your own blog or few links to some articles you have written.

Benefits for Guest Writers

In return you will get full credit for the post, an author section with a bio and your website will also be linked at the bottom of every post you make. You can see an example of the bio section at the bottom of every post on TechChunks.com. Please note that we do not allow contributors to have control over their own accounts (due to WordPress security risks). You will have an author account, you will have freedom to set your author bio details (maximum 1 link, pointing to any website/blog owned by you) and you will have your author bio displayed below EVERY post that you write for us. But WE will publish your posts via your author accounts and will NOT share the login credentials with you.

2 Main Reasons Why You Should be our Guest Author

1. Once you have successfully submitted at least 5 articles, you will be entitled to use one PERMANENT (D0F0ll0w) link to your own websites/blogs in your Author Bio. The links will stay on TechChunks.com forever on every post that you contribute. The more articles you write for us, the more number of times your Author Bio will be displayed to our visitors.

2. At TechChunks.com, we share 100% of our Adsense revenue with our regular guest writers. Once you have contributed at least 10 articles, starting with your 11th article you can place one 468×60 Adsense ad (banner, text or both) on every new article that you write for us. Unlike other revenue sharing blogs, we won’t take away your Author Bio links when we share the ad revenue with you. Thus you can have author bio link as well as earn from your Adsense ads if you contribute as a Guest Author for us.

[Please note that we have very strict guidelines regarding quality, grammar and spelling and hence every post that you write are subjected to editorial proofreading. However, if we find  a post to be very inferior in quality we will simply reject it and will NOT publish it.]

Rules, Guidelines and Incentives

– Each article should be informative and relate to TechnologyGadgets or Tips & Tricks in some way. The reader should come away knowing something they did not know before they read it. Please do not bother to apply, unless your article fits into either of the above 3 categories only. [No blogging, SEO, Money Making Online and other such out of topic articles will ever be approved.]

– Each article should be interesting to read. This does not mean that every piece of writing needs to be filled with wisecracks, but it shouldn’t be dry as toast.

– Each article needs to be original! This means you can’t drop by TechCrunch and copy their list of 40 coolest gadgets in 2015! This also means that you can’t reproduce your own blog posts here.

– Lists of cool apps that have something in common are OK (with screen shots), reviews of popular apps or cool new services are OK (as long as they aren’t yours), tutorials are EXTREMELY welcome, and tips, tricks, simple how-tos, news like stories (technology-related) and information on helpful resources are all acceptable.

– Any images used in the post cannot mess up the design of the site. As a guideline, the image should be 750 pixels in width and 450 pixels in height.

– Every post made in this blog is linked to directly from the home page of TechChunks (remember, the homepage sends through a PR 2 value to the pages it links to), it is also tweeted on our twitter account (we’ve got around 34,000 or so twitter followers right now (our 2 accounts combined) and all of our posts are submitted directly to Friendfeed)

– If you write 10 or more blog posts per month, we can discuss additional publicity and monetary benefits ($$$) for your website/blog and you.

– You may still link to each of your posts from your own website or blog so that your own readers can still follow all of your work.

No affiliate codes or referral links are allowed in posts.

– Bear in mind that once you have submitted an article and we have published it on our site, it will become the intellectual property of our site (protected by international Copy Right laws) and hence you cannot publish it anywhere else.

No commercial links are allowed in posts or author Bio section.

– We reserve the right to ban repeated violators from being our guest author.

How do I get started?

If this deal sounds good to you, then contact us with the following info:

– Your Name, will appear as the author name.
– Your e-mail.
– Your blog url.
– One or two examples of something you have written about before.
– If you would like to become a regular author or a part-time author.
– The kind of topics you’d like to write about on TechChunks.com.
– 2-4 Sentences About You (To be used for your author Bio section).
– Your Avatar/photograph if possible (To be used for your author Bio section).

Once we verify and approve your candidacy we can begin working together from there. So what are you waiting for? Jump in and who knows you might become our esteemed writer! 🙂